How To Maximize Eyebrow Growth: Tips and Tricks

May 11, 2023 3 min read

How To Maximize Eyebrow Growth: Tips and Tricks


Your lashes are an important part of your look, but so are your eyebrows! So, how do you keep those eyebrows in tip top shape? Well, that’s where eyebrow growth, eyebrow care, eyebrow maintenance and even a little something called brow growth serum come into play.

Ready to find out how you can enhance your eyebrows quickly and easily? Read on!

Are eyebrows like eyelashes?

The hairs along your brow are very similar to the hairs along your lash line. The only difference is that thick brow hairs tend to have a shorter growth phase, known as the ‘anagen’ growth phase. You can read more about the hair growth cycle here.

Because of this similarity, many of the things that apply for lash growth also apply for eyebrow growth. So, let’s get started.

Care vs Maintenance vs Growth

There are three main ways to get fuller brows, and each does something slightly different.

1) Eyebrow Care

Before we get to eyebrow growth, it’s important to think about how you’re going to care for the eyebrows that you already have!

The most important part of an eyebrow care routine is keeping your eyebrows moisturised. Although there are a number of specific eyebrow moisturisers on the market, some people advocate caring for your eyebrows using natural oils like coconut oil, lavender oil or olive oil. Make sure you keep an eye on the way your body reacts to these oils though, because if your pores start to clog this may allow bacteria to grow which will damage your eyebrows.

Investing in an eyebrow brush will also boost your care routine. Regular brushing will ensure your eyebrows stretch out to their very fullest and will keep them bright and bouncy, adding to the perception of volume.

2) Eyebrow Maintenance

Eyebrow maintenance is about two things: cleaning and plucking!

As mentioned above, bacteria are the enemy of a healthy, growing brow, so make sure you regularly clean your eyebrows to get rid of any leftover makeup which can act as a breeding ground for germs.

And although plucking your eyebrows will create a tidy look, don’t overdo it! A maintenance routine that ends in overplucking can thin out your eyebrow and damage your roots.


Eyebrow Pluck

Did you know that people who pluck their eyebrows in bright light are more likely to overpluck? Use soft lighting when plucking to ensure you don’t get carried away!

3) Eyebrow Growth

So far, we’ve covered the eyebrow care and eyebrow maintenance routines which will help keep your existing brow hairs thick and in the best condition. Now it’s time to talk about how you can enhance your eyebrows by focusing on eyebrow growth.

First, let’s debunk some myths. Some people claim that the oils we mentioned above can also boost eyebrow growth. But that’s not true. Natural oils may have a moisturizing effect on your eyebrows, but they won’t change your eyebrow growth cycle.

You may also have heard that massaging your eyebrows can boost growth. That’s another no! If anything, rubbing or creating friction around your eyebrows is more likely to damage the hair follicles and lead to increased shedding.

So, what works?

This is where that famous brow growth serum we mentioned comes in! Now, if you’re thinking “what on earth is a brow growth serum?” then you’re going to be surprised by how simple the answer is. Remember when we told you that brow hairs and eyelash hairs are actually quite similar? Well, that means your eyelash growth serum can also be used to give you fuller brows!

Eyelash growth serums work by stimulate your hair follicles and can deliver best results in just six weeks. Use them on your eyebrows and the effect is the same.

Yes, care and maintenance are important. But a serum that boosts growth directly will make all the difference to your eyebrow appearance.


To get fuller brows, we’ve covered:

  • Caring for your existing thick brow hairs
  • Maintaining a good beauty routine
  • Boosting eyebrow growth directly using an eyelash growth serum or a brow growth serum

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