How to remove an eyelash from your eye

February 02, 2022 2 min read

How to remove an eyelash from your eye

The “Oh no, I’ve got something in my eye” line has provided Hollywood with one of its most popular meet cutes (see Kate Winslet and Jack Black in “The Holiday” as just one of many examples if you don’t believe us!). But getting an eyelash stuck in your eye is not cute.  

It’s painful.  

So, when this happens and you find that you’re not in a Hollywood film, here’s how to safely get rid of that pesky lash safely. (Also, don’t worry that you’ve lost a lash, another one is getting ready to take its place!).  

1) Wash your hands. Before you go near your eyes, you want to make sure you’re not going to be smearing bacteria on them. 

2) Locate the lash. Look into the mirror, gently pull down the skin beneath your eye and identify the culprit.  

3) Blink. Before you try removing it yourself, just take a deep breath and blink several times. The natural lubricant that your eye produces might sweep it out for you! 

4) Cotton Swab. If the lash is still around, wiggle your eye to try to position the lash on the white portion of your eye and then use a damp cotton swab to gently remove it.

5) Rinse. If that hasn’t done the trick, try using saline solution to flush the lash from your eye or, if you haven’t got any, fill a cup with lukewarm water and gently lower your eye into the water to rinse it. 

There you have it – bye bye lash! And now that you’re on a roll...  

Want to know how to remove... 

Eyelash glue? 

Eyelash extensions? 

Losing too many lashes? 

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