Lash Growth Serums and Eyelash Extensions: Can You Use Them Together?

April 13, 2023 3 min read

Lash Growth Serums and Eyelash Extensions: Can You Use Them Together?

If you’re googling things like ‘Best Lash Enhancements’ or ‘Ideal Beauty Routine’ you’ve probably come across these two classic ways of boosting your lashes: Lash Growth Serums and Eyelash Extensions

But have you ever thought about using Lash Growth Serums and Eyelash Extensions together? Can you? Is it safe?  

Read on to find out!Natural or Artificial? - Lash Growth Serums: boosts growth naturally - Eyelash Extensions: adds length artificially

What are Lash Growth Serums? 

Lash Growth Serums are serums that have been specially formulated to nourish and care for your lashes as they grow. Some (like ours) even have active ingredients which can actually boost your natural lash growth when used as part of a regular beauty routine, which is why they are often referred to as a lash ‘enhancement.’

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent fibers that are attached to the end of your natural lashes with an adhesive, making them look longer. There’s no beauty routine required as, once applied, they last for 6-8 weeks. However, they can be expensive...  

Can I use Lash Growth Serums & Eyelash Extensions together? 

Yes! Lash Growth Serums are applied to the roots of your lashes as part of a beauty routine, whilst Lash Extensions are applied to the tips of your lashes, so each product is focused on a different area of your lash. 


If you really want to care for those lashes, make sure you only use oil-free Lash Growth Serums. That’s because oils can break down the adhesive used to attach Eyelash Extensions, meaning they won’t last as long. 

What are the benefits of using Lash Growth Serums & Eyelash Extensions at the same time?

1) Eyelash Extensions are attached to the tips of your lashes, so if your natural lash sheds, then so will your extension. A Lash Growth Serum moisturises and cares for your natural lashes, decreasing shredding, so your extensions will last longer. 

2) Using a Lash Growth Serum that actively boosts growth will give you longer natural lashes, and longer natural lashes can support longer, heavier extensions, giving you more options to choose from. 

Is it safe?

Remember, the whole goal of using Lash Growth Serums and Eyelash Extensions is lash enhancement, so, when combining them as part of a beauty routine, take care you don’t end up damaging your natural lashes in the process. 

While each product can be used at the same time, it’s worth noticing the differences between them: 

Eyelash Extensions can damage your natural lashes. The adhesive used to apply them can irritate your skin and the weight of the fibres can drag down on your roots. So, instead of a lash enhancement, you end up with broken lashes!  

Lash Growth Serums are perfectly safe, just make sure the product you buy is hypoallergenic and free of toxins.

Is there a better lash enhancement technique? 

If you want to care for your lashes and boost growth, then try combining a Lash Growth Serum with a falsie instead of Eyelash Extensions.

Why are falsies better than eyelash extensions?

  • Less expensive 
  • No damage to natural lashes 
  • Easy at-home application 
  • No drying time 
  • Removed in seconds 

Our Lash Growth Serum is guaranteed to give you longer, thicker, fuller and healthier lashes in just 30 days (or your money back), and each of our falsies gives you 30+ wears. So, you can enjoy instantly longer lashes for a full month, and by the time it’s time to change falsies, your natural lashes will be flourishing! 

Give it a go and see for yourself 👇 

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