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Lash Serum: Before & After Reviews

April 17, 2023 3 min read

Lash Serum: Before & After Reviews

Cosmopolitan ranks our Lash Growth Serum as one of the best in the world. But before we get too carried away, what do Silly George customers think about the way it works? Read on to find out how you can enhance your lashes and boost growth in weeks.

How does our Lash Growth Serum work?

Our Lash Growth Serum works in two ways. On the one hand, it works directly to boost growth by activating the hair follicles along your lash line. The special ingredients we use, a group of amino acids known as EPM enzymes, extend your lashes’ natural growth phase, which can boost growth by up to 56%.

But that’s not all! Our Lash Growth Serum also has moisturising properties which, by keeping your lashes properly hydrated, enhances their appearance.


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How does our Lash Growth Serum perform?

When you buy a product from Silly George, we don’t just want you to like it. We want you to love it! It starts by ensuring that all of the ingredients we use are free from any nasties like toxins or sulphates, but it doesn’t stop at our ingredients. Knowing what you think also matters. Because after all, the only way to be confident that our products can enhance your lashes or boost growth, is to ask!

So, we decided to survey our customers on the effectiveness of the ingredients in our Lash Growth Serum.

Here are the three key things they told us about the way it works:

  • 99% success rate with Lash Growth Serum
  • 56% average increase in lash growth after six weeks
  • 93% satisfaction with lash appearance after four weeks

Now, that sounds pretty good right? Sure. But we get it, you hear a lot of numbers thrown around nowadays. So, don’t just take our word for it. Hundreds of our Silly George customers leave unedited reviews about all our products and ingredients every day, right here on our website.

And what they’ve got to say, is worth hearing!

Lash Growth Serum Before & After

Just like you, our customers haven’t got time to waste with products that won’t enhance their lashes or boost growth. They need gorgeous lashes today!

So, let’s check out some of their unfiltered reviews of our Lash Growth Serum.Nicola, Laurie and, Kylie weren’t happy with the way their lashes looked before they started using our serum, but how did they feel after?

“I don’t leave reviews but I will now because this is genuinely amazing stuff. Eyebrows I plucked to nothing years ago have begun to come back. I no longer need to use pencil. And my eyelashes are like they used to be in my twenties. Incredible.”

Nicola S.

“I am obsessed with this. Before using the serum my lashes were actually bare in some spots. Now they are thicker and much longer. It took about a month to see the full effect but well worth the wait.”

Laurie A.

“My lashes were sparse and short after a medical condition. After using Silly George lash serum morning and night for 6 weeks the results are amazing. Thick lashes. Super long lashes.”

Kylie B.

So you see, if you want to enhance your lashes, it really works! Need more persuading? These are just some of the 1000+ reviews of our Lash Growth Serum, click here to keep reading!

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