How to keep eyelashes from falling out

May 13, 2022 2 min read

How to keep eyelashes from falling out

If you’re striving for a full, thick lash line then minimising shedding is key. To find out everything you need to know about your natural lash growth cycle, the most common causes of lash loss, and some of the easy steps you can take to keep your lashes healthy and happy, read on! 

Why are my lashes falling out? 

The most important thing to understand first up, is that some degree of shedding is perfectly natural. Your lashes go through something that is known as a natural growth cycle: a process from root to full- grown lash and back again that means your lash line is constantly being refreshed. Each individual lash will be at a different stage on this journey, so losing a lash or two a day isn’t a problem: they’re actually being pushed out by new lashes waiting to grow.


What can make shedding worse? 

Whilst some shedding is natural, it’s important to avoid doing things which can cause your lashes to shed prematurely. If your lashes are made to fall out before the new lashes beneath them are ready to replace them, then your lash line is going to be thinner for a week or two, which makes it harder to get that full, thick look.

Some of thethings that commonly increase shedding are:

1) Bacteria 

The Problem: When bacteria is allowed to build up on your lash line, they can damage your roots and weaken the lashes, causing them to shed.  

The Answer: Maintain a good daily cleansing routine and keep both your natural lashes and your falsies fresh.

2) Poor Technique 

The Problem: Using curlers or applying/removing falsies without the right technique can result in accidental tugging or rubbing which can cause breakage.  

The Answer: Read our guides on how to use eyelash curlers and how to safely apply and remove your lashes again and again.

3) Diet 

The Problem: Your eyelashes, just like every other part of your body, rely on nutrients to keep them strong and healthy. When they don’t get them, they can weaken and become brittle, increasing the chances of breakage and shedding.  

The Answer: Make sure you’re eating a balanced diet with plenty of proteins, fruits and vegetables. 

4) Glues 

The Problem: Lash extensions and glue-on falsies require strong glues which can cause your lashes to clump and tear. 

The Answer: Avoid lash extensions or find out how to have them removed safely. Switch from glue to our revolutionary LinerBond™ for easier, faster and safer application.

5) Illness 

The Problem: Excessive shedding might be a sign of an underlying illness. 

The Answer: Find out what your lashes can tell you about your body’s health by reading our dedicated health blog.

How can I rejuvenate my lashes?

Let’s imagine that you've followed this guide and your lash shedding is now back under control. That still leaves a slightly depleted lash line which will take some time to recover. Luckily there’s a speedy solution! Our Lash Growth Serum is clinically-formulated to nurture, nourish and protect your lashes, restoring their natural strength. At the same time, it will also boost growth, meaning your lashes will grow back fuller and longer than ever before.  

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