Tips and tricks on how to keep your lashes curled

May 09, 2022 3 min read

Tips and tricks on how to keep your lashes curled

This is definitely not a philosophical question, but, at times we need a pick-me-up, and that can mean making ourselves look prettier: not just on the inside with inner work and meditation, but on the outside, so we can look how we want to feel: Full of goodness aiming for greatness! No dramas:, we’ve got you covered and will teach you the step-by-step on how to keep your lashes curled like you want them to be. Let’s lift our moods by lifting our curls. And no, we don’t have to rely on classic tools (read some tips on curlers here). All we need is some preparation to get this combing and curling happening right away. Here are some tips and tricks that can get you back on your winking game, and off to the winging zone.

1) Let creativity flow – any spoons around?  

Working with what we have is a skill that can be helpful in multiple occasions in life. And hell yes, when we want to look good to feel good, Grandma’s wisdom comes in handy, and can be found in the basic old sayings and in our kitchen utensils, that’s for sure. Grab a spoon and warm it up in a cup of water. That’s right! But let’s be cautious here please – you want to make sure it’s just a tad warm so it’s safe for your beauty maneuvre  - and not a bad beauty meme on Instagram. You can test if the temperature of the spoon is safe by touching it on the inside of your arm before you apply it to your lashes. Once again, be gentle, and apply the back of the spoon on your lashes with a slight upward movement, and softly press it down. You can press it for about 10 seconds and repeat this until you are happy with it. Remember, our objective here is happiness: nice curly lashes are sometimes exactly what we need. Simple pleasures! 

2) Reach out to your old mate –  Mascara! 

I said it once, I said it twice – how many times does it take for you to hear an old friend’s advice. Practice and repetition are key. So, let’s double up the fun and our mascara coating too (another glass of bubbly anyone?). Simply apply a coat of mascara to your lashes as usual – remember not to overdo it because there’s more to come. You can then take the mascara wand – your very best friend here – and press your lashes in an upward movement from the base. Hold them for 10 seconds and, voilà, your curled up lashes have just brought your sexy back.

3) Dress up with a smile  - the toothbrush trick 

Sometimes we have to work with what we’ve got, and our smiles can lead us there. Give your toothbrush a thorough rinse in hot water. This will help to cleanse it. Then, use it as you would a mascara wand. Comb your lashes and press them softly. And if looking at yourself in the mirror doesn’t make you giggle a little, oh well, remember: it will make your lashes curlier. Let’s keep the focus here, babe. We are on a mission. 


When all you want is just the real thing...well, there is still hope! Want an even more natural curl?  

Sometimes we have to go through an actual transformation. And just shaping what we have is not what we want. Truth is that the longer the lashes, the easier to curl. So, our tip to grow your lashes is to try a Growth Serum. Growth Serums work by activating your hair follicles, helping to promote growth and reduce breakage. As long as you are choosing wisely and making sure you are using  a product that is safe for your health, the rest is about consistency. Our Lash Growth Serum is free of all sulphates, parabens, and toxins, so you can get longer, curvier lashes that keep all of their natural goodness.