Aries: want to pair up your zodiac sign with your eyelash style?

May 06, 2022 2 min read

Aries: want to pair up your zodiac sign with your eyelash style?

Have you ever had one of those aha moments when you read your horoscope and something matched just perfectly? What if you could pair up what the Zodiac has planned for you with how you choose your best look, to align with the stars and everything else in your life?  

This blog is dedicated to helping you and the universe conspire both in your favor, and of your lashes.  

With the New Moon in Aries, new beginnings of all sorts are coming. This could certainly be an opportunity for you to embrace these great vibrations of the Universe, and to invest in a more bolder look as well. If you are new to the fabulousness of the eyelash scene, you might want to try the Girl Series Starter Kit Liner Bond. Yes, girl, let’s so welcome these new beginnings! Yes, please! 

 Sun conjunct chiron - it’s time to accelerate your healing process. Why not find wisdom from your past lessons? Mascara, mascara and mascara. Sometimes we just need time, and getting back to the basics is our safest choice for a moment. It’s alright not to dare at times


 Mars conjuncts Saturn - I don’t know about you, but this sounds like tension to me, and, whenever this happens, some harsh truths may emerge. When this happens, stay true to yourself. You certainly don’t want to bring more drama upon yourself than needed, right? You can plan for the long game, babe. Are you ready? Our tip for you is to try our Lash Growth Serum and sit and wait for a few weeks until your bombshell look blossoms, while Mars and Saturn figure themselves out.

 Jupiter and Neptune conjunction - this is considered one of the big astrological events of the year. For many, it is a representation of collective awakening, a heightening of spiritual energy, a boosting of creative innovation. This can also trigger a tad of procrastination and perhaps heightened emotions. Remember, though, this is your month, my dear Aries. So, worry not! If you are preparing for these heightened emotions, and haven’t grown your best thicker and longer lashes yet, you can still be your bold self. Just make sure you give yourself an extra boost and you are up-to-date with your Liner Bond Lash System - it is infallible against all those forecasted “heightened emotions” (trust me, hun. I’ve been there). We may not win against the palaver of the planets, but your lashes will be beautiful and intact.  

 Regardless of your favorite choice of product to match your good vibes, harmony time will come. By now your lashes might be fuller than ever. So, keep it up. Discipline and consistency are key if you are opting for the Serum magic. Remember, no matter what, enjoy the process. Beauty up, and keep it up.