The Perfect Lashes & Makeup for Hooded Eyes

March 23, 2023 2 min read

The Perfect Lashes & Makeup for Hooded Eyes

If you already know that you have hooded eyes, this blog will tell you exactly what style of lashes and makeup to use for a killer night out look. But, if you aren’t sure what eye shape you have, don’t worry! There are five main eye shapes including hooded eyes, and you can read about all of these shapes here

Now let’s get you ready for that night out and dive in to this easy beginner’s guide for hooded eyes. 

What are hooded eyes

What style suits hooded eyes?

Because hooded eyes don’t reveal as much of the eyelid, they effortlessly draw focus to the centrer of your eyes. This is great, but since there’s already that natural inwards focus to your eye shape, you want to make sure the lashes and makeup you use are doing the opposite – they should be deepening and widening your look. 

Feel like you’re a total lash beginner? No sweat! With some simple steps, it’s easy to get the perfect look for your hooded eyes.

Best lash style for hooded eyes

Remember that for the best hooded eye looks, you want to prioritize depth. That means selecting a lash style with plenty of length. These two styles are perfect for beginners and won’t let you down on a night out:

1) Luna SuperNatural Lash

Part of our clear-band SuperNatural collection, Luna’s long wispy lashes will add depth along your lash line. As the lashes are spread evenly to create a light-to-medium volume, they won’t weigh down your look.

2) Girl Goals Lash

The longest lash in our Girl Series collection, Girl Goals will help to elongate your eye shape by drawing the focus away from the very center of the eye and towards the tips.

Best makeup style for hooded eyes

If you have hooded eyes, you can use makeup to accentuate the space around your eyes. All you have to do is follow these easy steps for a look that’s easy for a beginner but will make you look like a pro! 

1) Choose your colors. Opt for bright, natural shades for daily wear or lively colors combined with a splash of glitter for a night out. This will help bring your eyes forward and enlarge the surrounding area. 

2) Apply your makeup. Always apply your makeup BEFORE applying your false lashes.  

3) Add your lashes in seconds with our LinerBond™

4) You’re good to go!


In our beginner’s guide, we’ve told you how to find out more about your eye shape and the perfect lash and makeup style to get your hooded eyes ready for a night out. Now it’s time to try it out for yourself!