SuperNatural Lashes: Before and After Reviews

April 06, 2023 2 min read

SuperNatural Lashes: Before and After Reviews

If you’re on the hunt for the best lashes in the business, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog you’ll find an overview of before and after reviews written by real customers who have bought our SuperNatural Lashes. From classic questions like what will they do for your volume or eyes to how well they hold up during an average day or how long they are, we’ve got every aspect covered.

So, if you think your lashes are looking a little short and could use some energy – read on!

What are SuperNatural Lashes? 

Our SuperNatural Lashes are perfect for people with naturally short or low volume lash lines who want a little upgrade, without making it too obvious. That’s because all of our SuperNatural Lashes come with a classic clear band, so you can wear them all day without anyone even noticing! In fact, with any of our six SuperNatural options, you can change your lashes from short to long in seconds and enjoy an instant volume boost.

We’ve brought together a sample of our before and after comments so you can know just how big a difference our range of SuperNatural lashes can make.

SuperNatural Lashes Explainer

SuperNatural Before & After: Volume 

“Love how thick these are, and not flared out on the ends, suits my round eye shape so well.” - Lindsay G 

“Full and make my eyes pop!!” - Margie P 

“Looks great and makes my eye makeup pop without overpowering it.” - Guia 

SuperNatural Before & After: Length 

“They give great length.” - Nicole M 

“They’re made well and they look long too!” Victoria T 

“Love these lashes. Very natural with a little extra length on the ends.” - Kirsten H 

SuperNatural Before & After: Hold 

“I work out in the morning with my lashes and they stay on throughout the day!” - Pamela B 

“They stayed on all day and into the evening. I recommend highly and will be ordering again!!” - Linda S 

“These are AMAZING!!! Put on the glue liner and pop the lashes on. Done. And they are so comfortable and stay put all day. I've played golf in gale force winds, slept with them on 14-hour flights and cried at weddings. These babies don't budge or come off until you take them off.” - Anna B 

SuperNatural Before & After: Natural Look 

“I like the natural look... people notice there is something different about my ‘look’ but they don't immediately know I'm wearing fake eyelashes.” - Shaleen F 

“I love the lighter band. They look so natural!” - Kris C 

“I like it because they enhance your eyes without looking fake or overly made up.” - Mariya B


These before and after reviews showhave shown you exactly what our customers think of our classic SuperNatural Lashes. 

  • A classic, natural look 
  • Transform short lashes into long 
  • All-day hold 
  • Extra volume 

Doesn’t that all sound good? Then try SuperNatural today! 

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