The Most Common Eyelash Growth Myths

February 18, 2022 1 min read

The Most Common Eyelash Growth Myths

Catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and doing a double-take because your lashes are just unstoppable is an awesome feeling. That’s why if someone tells me they’ve found a great new way of boosting my natural lash growth, every fibre of my being practically cries out “TELL ME EVERYTHING!” 😂 

But there’s also nothing more discouraging than patiently following the latest beauty guru’s advice for three weeks only to find your lashes haven’t changed at all or, even worse, that the miracle treatment they’ve recommended is actually damaging your lashes or eyes. 

So how do you separate fact from fiction? With a little help from Silly George!  

You see, for us, taking care of your lashes goes beyond the products we sell, and it’s also about making sure you’ve got someone to turn to for the most up- to- date information on everything related to your lashes. 


In this blog we’ve rounded up all the different myths related to lash growth which we’ve investigated, so the road to thicker, longer lashes is now a whole lot easier.  

Silly George Investigates...!  

Click on any of the myths below to get the full lowdown on the way they really affect your lash growth: 

Castor Oil 

Olive Oil 

Petroleum Jelly 



If you want the quick answer, here it comes... 

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