National Lash Day 2022

February 18, 2022 2 min read

National Lash Day 2022

I mean, there’s a National Tater Tot Day and a National Chopsticks Day, so why shouldn’t there be a National Lash Day? After all, your lashes aren’t just functional, they’re also a massive part of the way you feel about yourself, so it’s time they were celebrated! 


When is it? 

This year, National Lash Day is the 19th of February. 

How can I get involved? 

National Lash Day is all about showing your love for lashes both false and natural, so there’s plenty of different ways you can get involved. 

1) Share on social 

A great opportunity to share that picture of you where your lashes look absolutely awesome! Post using the hashtag #NationalLashDay and your lashes might become the next viral hit 😀.  

2) Try something new 

Browse through the Silly George website and treat your lashes to a National Lash Day upgrade with any of our gorgeous false lash sets. Celebrate in style with two of our extra volume options: Girl Overboard or Nova SuperNatural

3) Showcase your lash fashion 

Make February 19th the day you wow your friends with some pimped up lashes.

4) Buy your lashes a present 

Say thank you to your lashes by treating them to a bit of pampering. How do you pamper a lash? With a Lash Growth Serum! Lash Growth Serums nourish and strengthen your existing lashes whilst boosting growth. Try it for six weeks and see how much more attention your lashes start to get 👀. 

5) Become a lash expert 

Take 5 minutes and read up on some of the eyelash must-knows. Ever wondered how to safely remove an eyelash from your eye? Should you put mascara on false lashes? What's the quickest way to get rid of eyelash glue? When it comes to lash care, knowledge is power. 

Happy Lash Day Y’All!