Does crying make your eyelashes longer? True or false?

August 18, 2021 2 min read


There’s nothing like a good cry every now and then and over the last few years scientists have started taking a serious interest in some of the weirdly wonderful effects of crying. But is the natural lashes growth one of them or is that just an urban myth? 

We’ve saved you the trouble and found the answer! 

What’s good about crying for eyelash growth? 

When we said scientists had been looking at this, we don’t mean just any scientists. The good folk at the famous Harvard Medical School have found time to delve into the topic and they’ve come up with some pretty interesting stuff.  

1. Tears serve different functions 

That’s right, there are actually three types of tears. Reflex tears and continuous tears lubricate, clean and protect our eyes from infection. Emotional tears release endorphins, the feel-good chemical which relieves stress and pain and even gives us pleasure. 

2. It brings us closer 

OK, yes, there are plenty of ways to make friends which don’t involve crying! But studies have shown that crying actually encourages empathy in the people around you, acting as a signal to friends and family that you need support.  

3. It keeps us healthy 

Psychologists have found that crying is an effective way of releasing the pent-up emotions which could otherwise make us feel anxious and weaken our immune system. 

But does that translate to better eyelash growth? 

As you can see, tears have a cleansing effect on our minds and bodies. Keeping your eyes free of irritants and keeping your body relaxed is no doubt a good state to be in, but there’s no evidence to suggest that crying boosts your lashes to grow longer.  

Then what's behind the myth?  

The most common claim is that tears have a nourishing effect on natural lashes, but as we’ve learnt, tears are 98% water. So crying isn’t actually providing any extra special form of nourishment. The misunderstanding probably arises from the fact that when your lashes get wet they become slightly more prominent, so people might confuse this temporary effect with a longer-term lash strengthen boost. 

So what does help eyelash growth? 

Knowing the fact from the fiction is all well and good, but if it’s not crying, then what can help you get those long, beautiful lashes you’re after? Well, this is where we’ve got a little science of our own. It’s not Castor Oil, our Lash Growth Serum (clue is in the name, right 😉 ) is specially formulated to stimulate your hair follicles. Its dual active ingredients support lash growth and strengthen the surrounding skin, reducing lash loss at the same time.  

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