How To Apply Silly George Lashes - 3 Simple Steps

February 26, 2021 5 min read

How To Apply Silly George Lashes - 3 Simple Steps

LOVE false lashes but HATE applying them? All that is about to change!

Silly George makes lash application so easy! So easy, that you’ll be wondering why you ever bothered with traditional lash glue and tricky magnets in the first place!

While they make all the difference in a makeup look, false eyelashes - whether glue or magnetic - are notoriously difficult to apply. After several attempts, you’re often left with a sticky mess or ruined eye makeup (and disappointing selfies!). Can you recall all those countless nights-out and important events ruined by pesky lash application?! 

Picture the scene: You’re getting ready for date night. You’ve spent hours on your makeup. Your eyeshadow is popping. The last thing you need to do is apply your falsies to take your look to the next level. You’re holding your breath, sweating just a little, as you attempt to glue the lash strip to your eye. All seems well until the band begins slipping and sliding all over your lid. One corner of the lash lifts up and as you attempt to press it down the other corner begins to flip. In your attempts at securing your lashes you’ve poked your eye several times, ended up with glue clumps in your natural lashes, and completely ruined your perfect makeup that has taken all this time to do. A true horror scene! 

That is why we have created Silly George Lashes - eyelashes that are fuss-free and foolproof. Eyelashes that will leave you feeling amazing after application and not helpless and defeated. Eyelashes that anyone can apply, even the falsie novice! No matter your experience with lash application, Silly George will always give you professional results.

1. Prep

When you choose Silly George Lashes, you’ll either get our LinerBond™ Lash System or our Magnetic Dual Lash depending on personal preference. Both styles require some preparation for the smoothest application:

  • Curl or add mascara to your natural lashes: This will give both adhesive and magnetic lashes that extra grip needed for precise application.
  • Line up your lashes: Facing a mirror, take either your strip lash or magnetic lash and line up the lash over your natural lashes. If you notice the strip is too long for your eye, you can trim it so that it fits.
  • Clean the lids of your eyes with a non-oil based cleanser or primer. We recommend our Lid & Lash Cleanser.

2. Apply

If you’re using our Dual Lash System, position your top lash strip and hold in place with your fingers. Using a pair of slanted tweezers, bring the bottom inner corner lash section to line up with the inner corner of your top lashes and let the magnet click into place. Repeat the process with the remaining two lash segments, ensuring the lashes are held and positioned closely. We’ve created a Dual Lash System How-To Video giving you two different yet easy ways to apply your magnetic lashes!

If you’re using our LinerBond™ Lash System, begin by gently rolling your lash strip prior to application. A stiff lash band makes it more tricky to apply, so by gently rolling the inner and outer corner of the lash band, you will reduce any chances of the band pinging off as it’s being secured to the adhesive.

LinerBond™ adhesive

Take your LinerBond™ pen and give it a good shake. Remove the cap and apply the liner to your lashline as you would with any type of eyeliner.

Draw a line as thick as your lashband. This will ensure that your lash will remain secured to the lid. 

If you are using the black adhesive, you may wish to draw a thicker line or a winged line depending on your preferred style. 

Make sure that you apply the liner from the inner corner right to the outer corner. 

Applying LinerBond™ lashes

You may choose to apply your lashes with tweezers, however most newbies prefer using their fingers (just ensure they’re clean!) as it can give you more control. Line your lash strip up to your eye and, starting at the inner corner, press and hold down for a few seconds. Some people may find gently pinching the lashes into place helps. Continue moving right through to the outer corner until the lashes are completely secured into place.

Tip:Avoid pulling your eyes taught while applying your lashes. Once you let go, the lash band may lose its position and will need to be reapplied. 

Tip: If you have hooded eyes, we recommend popping some translucent powder over any exposed LinerBond to avoid any sticking or transfer to the top of the eyelid

Repositioning lashes

If you need to reposition your LinerBond™ lashes, simply peel off the lash strip and apply some more LinerBond™ adhesive to your lash line. Reposition your lashes as necessary. 

Follow our LinerBond™ System How-To Video for more helpful tips. 

1. Remove and reuse 

To remove your Dual Lash System magnetic lashes, simply take your thumb and index finger to the outer corner of your eye. Find the magnet, and gently pull off. Repeat with the remaining two lash segments. 

Always remember to put your magnetic lashes back into their box, to be reused again next time you decide to wear them!

To remove your LinerBond™ Lash System adhesive lashes, gently peel off from the outer corner using your fingers or tweezers. You can easily clean the adhesive from your lid using your favourite cleanser, micellar water, or baby oil.

Pop your lashes back into their box where they can be stored and reused for up to 30+ wears!

Tip:Preserve the life of your lashes by using a q-tip with a non-oil based eye makeup remover and gently wiping away any buildup on the lash band. We recommend doing this after every 5 or so wears.

So there you have it! Lash application the easy way! Grab your pair of Dual Strip Magnetic Lashes or the LinerBond™ Lash System for foolproof, instant glamour. 

Both lash systems come with a range of lash styles. You can find natural lashes for an every day ‘your lashes but better look’ (think classic lash extensions), an in-between hybrid of natural and bold for those nights out on the town or for when you’re feeling extra flirtatious!, and high-drama, high-volume lash styles for instant wow! (think Russian volume lashes). No matter the lash look and style you go for, you can be confident knowing that applying them is as simple as 1, 2, 3!