How Does Lash Growth Serum Work?

March 05, 2021 4 min read

How Does Lash Growth Serum Work?

Who doesn’t want fuller, stronger, healthier lashes?! If long lashes give you life, then consider adding Silly George Lash Growth Serum to your daily routine.

Your own fuller lashes, naturally!

Our lash growth serum is designed to naturally accelerate lash growth to give you eyelashes that are longer, thicker, and more volumised.

Whether you have barely-there lashes, straight lashes, short lashes, no lashes, or naturally long lashes that are in need of more ‘oomph!’, you can use a lash growth serum to get the look you’ve always dreamed of.

Using a lash growth serum is a more permanent way to make your eyelashes longer and thicker without having to rely on mascara or expensive lash lifts and extensions.

Lash growth serums can be used if you are experiencing hair loss due to medical or anxiety-related reasons (those with OCD or who lash pick can really benefit from a growth serum) if you’re noticing your lashes thinning with age, if you have damaged lashes caused by extensions, or if you have naturally fair or short lashes and want to give them more definition. 

What is lash growth serum?

Lash growth serums are growth-enhancing formulas that stimulate the hair follicles, resulting in more rapid hair growth. They naturally induce the anagen phase (growth phase) of the lashes and reduce time spent in the resting phase for more rapid lash growth and turnover.

Lash growth serum is formulated with an advanced Bio-enzyme technology referred to as Bio-enzyme EPM. This EPM comprises 10 amino acids that form and support human protein & tissue growth. Just like our hair, eyelashes are made up of 90% protein. Amino acids support protein growth and also repair damage, nourishing your lashes from the inside out!

You will find Bio-enzyme EPM in most growth serums, however, keep an eye out - as many brands include amino acids in peptide form (our serum is free of peptides!)

Our Lash Growth Serum contains the following ingredients:

  • Purified water  (pure H2O!)
  • Disodium phosphate  (a sodium salt used to maintain PH)
  • Citric acid  (a natural & gentle exfoliant derived from citrus fruits)
  • EPM biological enzyme  (A scientific mixture of growth-promoting amino acids)
  • Sodium chloride  (just a fancy name for table salt! - it is a fantastic thickener!)
  • Benzalkonium chloride  (an organic salt that acts as a natural preserving agent)

Lash Growth Serum Benefits

With this breakthrough technology, our Silly George Lash Growth Serum is both clinically and dermatologically-tested to promote lash growth in as little as 7 days! With daily use of our serum you will notice:

  • Longer lashes
  • Increased lash volume
  • Lashes that appear darker and more defined
  • Less lash-fallout
  • Stronger lashes
  • Added curl and lift for a mini eye lift effect

Is lash growth serum safe?

If used correctly, yes! Lash serums should always be used as directed on the product instructions. You should always keep to the recommended application for the best results. Typically, this is 1-3 times per day.

Thankfully if you are using Silly George Lash Growth Serum, you can be confident that your lashes and eyes will remain safe! All our product ingredients are 100% vegan, toxin-free, and contain no added nasties such as parabens or sulphates. It is designed to be perfectly safe for prolonged use on and around the eyes, even if you suffer from sensitivity or dryness.

How do you use Silly George Lash Growth Serum?

Incorporating Silly George Lash Growth Serum into your daily routine is just a swipe away!

Simply use the applicator wand and apply to your lashes (you can use our growth serum on eyebrows, too!) as you would a mascara wand. Just 1-2 times daily for 28 days.

You can expect to see the full results of your growth serum in just 4 weeks, but initial results can be seen in as soon as 7 days!

After 4-8 weeks of daily use, or when desired results are seen, use just twice a week to maintain your beautiful long lashes! We also recommend applying the serum after heavy makeup use or after wearing falsies or extensions to maintain lash strength and health. 

One tube of Lash Growth Serum will last you approximately 3 months if used daily in the initial phase. To maintain your lashes after phase one you can continue to use lash growth serum applying it twice a week. Once your luscious lashes have grown, you can get rid of all your old mascara tubes and lash enhancers - seriously, it is that good! But if you really want to add the drama to your new look, you can use our Lash Growth Serum in conjunction with our Heart Eyes Mascara!

Do lash serums really work?

Don’t let us exhaust you with all the reasons why our Silly George Lash Growth Serum truly works! Instead, look to the 98% of customers who recommend it and who have noticed incredible results within weeks of using it!

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In fact, our lash serum has been clinically tested with independent studies showing a 99% success rate! 30 women self-assessed their results with The Silly George Lash Growth Serum and:

  • 93% reported satisfaction with the appearance of length and volume of their lashes after 28 days
  • 83% reported their lashes appear thicker after 28 days of use
  • 93% reported they saw an improvement in the health of their lashes after 28 days of use

Before using our Lash Growth Serum, we recommend you take a photo of your eyelashes. Then after a week of using the serum, take another photo. Continue each week until the end of week 4 to track your progress and results!

Consistency and patience is key - please allow anywhere from 4-8 weeks to begin noticing results!

We are super confident that with consistent and proper use of our growth serum, you will notice bigger, bolder, more luxurious look-at-me lashes! We are so confident you’ll fall in love with this serum (and your lashes!) that we offer every customer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Try it today.

Shop our Silly George Lash Growth Serum and start your lash growth journey today.

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