Move Over Magnetic Lash Liner, Meet Lash LinerBond™ System

February 20, 2021 4 min read

Move Over Magnetic Lash Liner, Meet Lash LinerBond™ System

Magnetic liner? *yawn* .. that’s SO yesterday! It’s 2021 and lash application just got a whole lot easier - and less damaging to your natural lashes!

Meet our Silly George Lash LinerBond™ System.

  • No magnets
  • No glue
  • No harmful ingredients
  • No more messing up your eye makeup!

This new technology in lash application means you no longer have to be a pro makeup artist to get those professional looking results. 

What is LinerBond™? 

LinerBond™ is the ideal solution for both newbies or pros who want a glamorous looking lash without the mess, frustration, and constant mirror checks. LinerBond™ is a lash adhesive that applies like a pen liner! And before you start thinking “Oh honey, no!” at the thought of having to line your eyes (trust us, we get it!) our revolutionary adhesive LinerBond™ comes in both black and clear! So if you’re not quite steady with your hands or prefer a quick and easy application, you can use the transparent LinerBond™ for foolproof application! 

Our LinerBond™ System works in the same way as traditional lash/lash adhesives; by gluing faux lashes into place. The difference is that our adhesive is nothing like a traditional lash glue. For one, there’s no awkward little glue tube (our adhesive comes in the form of an eyeliner pen!), no risk of clumping, and no chance of getting messy glue on your fingers! The adhesive comes out in one slick, silky smooth line. An adhesive so lightweight and sleek that you won’t even feel it! Think of your favourite felt tip eyeliner that goes on smoothly and dries quickly. That’s what you’ll get with our LinerBond™. Yup! No more waiting around for glue to get “tacky”, no more applying glue to the lash band like a pre-school craft project, and no need for multiple tries at securing your lash to the lashline (and ruining that popping eye makeup in the process!).

With LinerBond™, simply give the pen a little shake, pop open the lid, and line your top lash line as you would with any eyeliner or pencil. Next, take your LinerBond™ Lash (we have multiple lash styles to choose from!) position it on top of your liner, and watch the magic happen! Your lash will instantly adhere to the LinerBond™ firmly and securely. 

LinerBond™ will hold your lashes in place all day and night. Application of LinerBond™ adhesive means you’re getting the most natural looking lashes, since the adhesive allows you to apply your lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible. 

What’s more - LinerBond™ is completely vegan and toxin-free. All our lashes and lash products are made of high quality synthetic silk fibres. At Silly George, we do not believe in the use of mink or any animal and animal-byproducts. Our high-grade vegan material will give a professional feel and look without profiting off animal suffering.

The benefits of using LinerBond™ System for lash application

1. Easy peasy to apply and remove

Seriously, our LinerBond™ is so easy to apply you don’t even need to be a makeup aficionado to get amazing results! Simply line your top lash line (as close to the lashes as possible) and position your lash. Gently press the lash onto the top of your LinerBond™ using your finger or tweezers. The LinerBond™ adhesive will instantly lock your lashes into place. Made a mistake? Don’t sweat it! You can peel off your lash and reposition as needed. There is some ‘give’ time after applying the liner adhesive so you can make changes before the glue sets. Once your lashes are in place, you can be confident that they will remain there until you take them off!

Removal is just as simple (if not simpler!). Just use your finger or tweezers to gently pull the lash off from the outer corner and then store them in their box for future use. Our LinerBond™ lashes are designed for repeated use - up to 30+ wears! 

Next, use some micellar water or your favourite cleanser to remove the LinerBond™ adhesive. We also find that our Lid and Lash Cleanser does a perfect job at eye makeup removal!

Need some extra help with your lash application? Watch our How-To Video!

2. Long lasting

Silly George LinerBond™ System is designed to be longer lasting than other lash brands! Depending on your choice of activity (sky-diving might really push LinerBond™ to the test!) your lashes should remain safely secured for at least 8-12 hours without the need to reapply. Once removed, your lashes can be reused up to 30+ times with proper care!

3. Doesn’t harm your natural lashes

Our LinerBond™ adhesive does not contain any harmful magnets or nasty ingredients, and is safe to use around the eye area. LinerBond™ is:

  • Toxin-free
  • Low-allergenic (perfect for those girls who have watery or sensitive eyes!)
  • Latex-free
  • Free of any parabens or sulphates

Our LinerBond™ is designed with safety in mind - first & foremost! It has been dermatologically-tested and approved to be safe for daily use around the eyes. 

Silly George Lash LinerBond™ System is a real game-changer. We work very hard on our products to give you the most comfortable lash-wear experience. We offer a 100% money back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied, you can contact us and we’ll make it right. 

Never worn lashes before? Or are you lash #obsessed and have tried them all?! No matter who you are or where you’re at when it comes to eyelash application, our Lash LinerBond™ System will give you the best results, instantly! 

Shop our Lash LinerBond™ System range and don’t forget to let us know how much you love them!

Every day is a great lash day with Silly George!