Everything You Need To Know About International Lash Day

February 15, 2021 4 min read

Everything You Need To Know About International Lash Day

Natural or faux, eyelashes are the foundation of any beauty look. And what better way to start your journey into all things lashes than by honouring International Lash Day?!

Mark your calendars - this holiday is going to be bigger, bolder, and fluffier than ever! 

When? February 19th

Why celebrate?!Often taken for granted, our lashes are truly something special and deserve to be given a day just for them! Eyelashes frame your beautiful eyes, they keep unwanted dirt and particles out, they help moisturise your peepers, they can make or break a look, and they have the amazing potential to boost self-confidence and highlight the goddess you are!

Self-care is so much more important than a Hallmark Holiday (we’re talking about you Valentine’s Day!) and as such, International Lash Day gives us the chance to feel beautiful inside and out. 

From using lash treatments to enhancing your natural lashes with mascara or falsies and having fun with different eye looks, this holiday gives you the opportunity to explore the fashion of eyelashes and to integrate eye care practices that will make your eyes pop around the clock!

History of International Lash Day - how did it all come about?

International Lash Day was created in 2015 by House of Lashes as a way to formally “notice and appreciate both true and false eyelashes for the beauty they add to every look.”

The beauty and functionality of lashes go way back to Ancient Egypt, where women would use kohl to darken and emphasize their lash lines. Since then, eyelashes have always been a focal point for all kinds of beauty looks and fashion trends. 

Today, we are seeing the role eyelashes play in helping women (and men!) feel their most beautiful and most confident. Slicking on mascara or popping on some faux lashes is not about masking your own beauty, but enhancing what you already have. This could be on a physical or even internal level. Beauty shines from within. Beautiful lashes are merely an extension of our true selves; our natural curiosity, our playfulness, our never ending quest for adventure, and our own unique personality! You can use lashes to get you through that mid-afternoon slump (work might be boring but those lashes give you something to be excited about!), to express yourself (big and bold or natural and refined), to play make-believe (ever popped on a set of big lashes and felt like a superstar on your own red carpet?!), or to add a touch of glamour to your daily life.

However you decide to enhance or tend to your lashes, one thing is for sure - you always feel better for it!

This International Lash Day, let’s go big and bold by giving your lashes some extra attention. Here are just some of the ways you can celebrate your lashes in any shape or style:

  • Try a new eye makeup look (always wear nudes? Go for something bright!)
  • Wearing extra volumising and plumping mascara (even if you’re just staying at home!)
  • Starting an eye care practice by using a daily lash serum to naturally restore, strengthen, and replenish your eyelashes
  • Try adhesive or magnetic lashes and switch up your lash look (if you’re totally new to the false eyelash scene, International Lash Day is the perfect time to start!)
  • Using an eyelash curler to open up and curl your natural lashes (simple yet effective!)
  • Taking selfies of your eye look and sharing it on social media (don’t forget to tag us!)

Celebrate International Lash Day with our exclusive promotions! 

You didn’t think we’d let this iconic holiday pass without some type of special promotion, right?! In absolute honour of International Lash Day, Silly George has put together some really exciting deals and promos to help you celebrate. Now is the perfect chance to try on that new lash look or to dive into the world of eyelash and eye care products. 

Why Silly George?To us, eyelashes are not just a ‘trend’. We take our lash products seriously. Why? Because we believe they have the power to make any woman feel confident, capable, and beautiful. Your beauty routine should bring you joy, it should forever be a sacred moment within your day to which you look forward to. A time to spend tending to you, to experiment with what makes you feel your best, to use your lashes as the final step in your kick-butt wardrobe! A superhero cape, if you will. Lashes are so fantastic that you feel like taking on the world as soon as you wear them! Some might not get it, but we always will! For lovers of lashes will always band together! So get ready, beauty, for International Lash Day on February 19th - and keep your eyes open for our upcoming lash specials & deals made especially for you.

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