Top 3 tips to grow your lashes naturally

May 05, 2021 2 min read

Top 3 tips to grow your lashes naturally

Want fuller, longer lashes? We’ve got you! With only a few golden tips and tricks you can accelerate the growth of your own lashes and make them bigger and bolder. No fakes, no add-ons, just naturally gorgeous lashes that are all yours.

There are endless, easy ways to make your lashes grow stronger, but we show you 3 top tips that will make all the difference.

1 – Brush, brush, brush

Combing your eyelashes not only makes them appear longer instantly but promotes growth. Just use a spoolie of a lash comb and give them a gentle brush. This is a tip that professional make-up artists swear by as it separates the lashes to avoid any breakage and encourages them to grow.

2 – Take it easy with makeup

Makeup is a dream to put on but can be a nightmare to remove. All the rubbing and pulling is not doing your lashes any favors, so give them a lot of TLC. Choose a gentle makeup remover and stay away from waterproof mascara since it doesn’t rinse off easily. Our Heart Eyes mascara is a great option, btw 😉

3 – Your best kept secret: Lash Growth Serum

Say goodbye to bare eyes and hello to your new lash BFF. Our Lash Growth Serum is designed to naturally accelerate the growth of your eyelashes. It works by activating the hair follicle to promote rapid growth of eyelashes, making them stronger and even more beautiful. The result? Longer, thicker, more volumized lashes in just 4 weeks!

Don’t forget:

✔️ You can use our growth serum on eyebrows, too! Simply slick it where you want for big, beautiful brows.