Sleeping with your lashes on? Here’s why you shouldn’t do it.

May 12, 2021 3 min read

Sleeping with your lashes on? Here’s why you shouldn’t do it.

Picture this: it’s late, you are tired and the last thing you want is to spend ages taking off your make up and removing your eyelashes. We get it, we’ve been there. But at Silly George, we know that having amazing lashes comes from taking good care of them.

It seems like such an innocent habit to indulge in but believe us when we say that sleeping with your lashes on is never a good idea. Although it may be tempting to, doing so can cause hygiene and safety issues that you’d want to avoid.

We are here to help you fight the laziness and give you some good reasons on why you should take care of your lashes before bed.

Why should you bother?

Sleeping with your lashes on cannot only damage your favorite falsies but put you at risk of lash loss and even eye irritation or infection. This is because overnight use creates the perfect breeding ground for germs due to the combination of dirt, oils, and adhesives.

If you choose to wear your false lashes for a full night’s sleep, you’ll end up damaging your real eyelashes in the process. The longer your false lashes are on, the more likely it is for them to get tangled up in your real lashes causing them to break or shed, and who wants that?

Taking your falsies off before bed is probably one of the best things that you can do for your eyelashes. Not only will this give your natural lashes a chance to breathe, and keep the germs at bay, but it will also extend the wear time of your favorite set of lashes.

Top tip: Try a Lash Growth Serum for extra care and to give your natural lashes a boost while you sleep. A good option is the Silly George Lash Growth Serum.

What’s the solution? (Spoiler alert: it’s quick & easy)

It’s easy to see why it may seem easier to just leave your lashes on. Who wants to spend hours removing makeup? But having a dream product to rely on in times of laziness is key to making you stick to a bedtime lash removal routine.

Say hello to your new best friend: our Lid and Lash cleanser. Not only does this dream worker remove eye make up in seconds but it also keeps your falsies in great shape.

Here’s how to remove your eyelashes in 3 easy steps:

  1. Gently peel off your lashes from the outer corner using your fingers or tweezers.
  2. Clean the adhesive from your lid using the Lid and Lash cleanser.
  3. Pop your lashes back into their box and give them a good rest.

And that’s it: easy and simple so you can wake up to beautiful, healthy natural eyelashes and be ready for another day of bold falsies.

What if you have no other option?

We know life can get in the way and in some situations it can be tricky to remove your eyelashes, or you can simply forget about them (yes, they are that comfortable!).

If you absolutely have to sleep in your false eyelashes, make sure to straightened them out nicely before you get comfy for the night. Also, sleep on either your back or side and make sure you’re not sleeping with too many pillows that can press down on them and cause them to move, pull and break.

The takeout:

Taking your falsies off before bed is the healthiest things that you can do for your eyes. Giving your favorite eyelash set the rest the deserve during the night will keep them in tip-top shape and make them last for up to 30+ wears!

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