Our Night-Time Routine for Glow-Getters

June 16, 2020 2 min read

Our Night-Time Routine for Glow-Getters

We can’t get enough of looking in the mirror and thinking “damn girl, nice skin!”.

Achieving glowing skin doesn’t require a 20-step beauty routine. It’s all about knowing your ingredients, embracing the right products and creating a night-time ritual that chases glow.

We’ve spilt the tea on skincare must-haves to create our 5-step night-time routine perfect for glow-getters.

Double cleanse, always

Proper cleansing is ultra-important. If you don’t nail the first step, then your skin can’t benefit from the other complexion-boosting ingredients in your routine. The key to effective cleansing? Doing it twice.

First, you’re going to want to remove your lashes. After gently peeling off your lashes (and popping them back in their tray for tomorrow’s glam), use our Lid and Lash cleanser to effectively remove your LinerBond and eye-makeup.

Next, grab your cleanser of choice. The easiest and most gentle way of removing makeup, SPF and just general gross stuff from your skin is starting with an oil-based cleanser. This style cleanser is going to melt away these products and prime your skin for your second cleanse.

Following up with a water or gel-based cleanser, massage your skin for at least 60 seconds to effectively remove excess residue and leave your skin feeling super clean!

Not all exfoliants are made the same. Here’s why

If your skin is looking a little dull, it could be caused by dead skin cell build-up that’s trapping your dewy complexion. The easiest way to combat this is by choosing a professional exfoliant.

Did you know that there’s 2 kinds of exfoliants? Physical and Chemical.

Physical Exfoliants, aka scrubs, often use gritty substances that slough away at dead skin cells where Chemical Exfoliants harness ingredients such as glycolic, salicylic or lactic acids to eat away at dead skin cells and fresh your complexion.

Despite intimidating terms like ‘chemical’ and ‘acids’, using a Chemical Exfoliant 2-3 times per week is often gentler for our complexions as there’s no chance of going too hard on the scrubbing and damaging your skin.

Learn your glow-getting ingredients

When it comes to brightening complexions, Vitamin C really brings its A-Game. Designed to even out your skin tone and work hard to fight nasty free radicals, a Vitamin C serum will not only boost your glow but provide your skin extra antioxidant protection. 

If blemishes are cramping your glow, consider serums featuring Niacinamide. Not only an excellent brightening ingredient, this Vitamin is also perfect for controlling acne-causing bacteria and reducing oiliness.

Up your mask game

If you’re not already obsessed with sheet masks, you’re about to be! Packed with concentrated serums, sheet masks give your skin a serious drink of skincare ingredients in less than 30 minutes. Pop on your sheet mask, press play on your next Netflix episode and remove. No post-mask cleansing required, just #glowgoals.

Lock in the goodness

Lock in hydration before going to sleep (psst, try and get at least 8 hours - your skin will thank you for it) by applying a moisturiser. Choosing a moisturiser rich in ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid lock in your skin’s hydration and strengthen your skin’s barrier so that you wake up with plump, dewy and glowing skin!