5 Self-Care Hacks to Try This Weekend

June 15, 2020 3 min read

5 Self-Care Hacks to Try This Weekend

Anyone else trying to fill from an empty cup? There’s that 12-step beauty routine, millions of mindfulness apps and yoga poses we’re not even sure are humanly possible all named as the must-do hack to solve your self-care woes. We get it. Who’s got the time or the flexibility?!

If helping your boss unmute on Zoom (for the 10th time this week) has pushed you over the edge then this one’s for you. Here’s 5 simple but effective self-care hacks, to give back to YOU this weekend.

Mother Nature’s calling

Take the pressure off workouts and go back to basics – hit the pavement and enjoy Mother Nature!

Given that we’re at home more than ever right now, changing scenery, even for 30 minutes will go a long way towards helping you feel mentally refreshed.

Head to your favourite walking track (or explore a new one) and take a moment to enjoy your surroundings. As you pump your favourite playlist and clock up your daily steps, you’ll find your mood transforming from so-so to sunshine and your outlook on the rest of your day has brightened.  

This is a no-phone zone

Addicted to your devices? Same. Despite our phones letting us know the hours we are spending on our screens each week, we keep scrolling and find ourselves once again, watching Tik Toks until 1am.

Scheduling time to disconnect from our devices on the weekends, is a self-care hack that has some serious impact. You’ll feel your mind stop racing a million miles per hour, you’ll find extra time in your day you didn’t realise existed and you’ll have meaningful conversations – in real life, with real people.

The best part? It’ll all still be there when you log back on! Go on… give it a try.

Date yourself

This weekend, we want you to swipe right to yourself. That’s right! You’re taking yourself on a date.

Whether it’s a movie night in with Uber Eats, a solo brunch trip, a walk along the beach or even a luxurious facial (#treatyourself), a solo date has only one rule – it’s whatever YOU want to do!

Real talk. Solo dates encourage you to treat yourself the same way you’d treat another person. You may even notice that throughout your date, you need to cut yourself some slack and show yourself more love. 

Pick up the phone

When was the last time you picked up the phone and had a conversation? In a world that speaks fluent in gifs, we sometimes forget that our phones actually make calls!

Take a moment to call someone that truly makes you feel incredible. Whether it’s a parent, sibling or a dear friend, pick up the phone and check-in with each other. Sharing cherished memories, laughing as you live vicariously through each other’s stories or comparing Netflix addictions, dedicating uninterrupted time to connect with someone you love can be the greatest form of self-care.

Create a ritual

Taking a long, warm bath sounds like utter luxury to a working gal, right? That’s exactly why you should have one this weekend!

Create a ritual of a long, weekend bath filled with your favourite bath salts or essential oils. This time is all about you; listen to music or your favourite podcast, apply a face mask, read a book, or do absolutely nothing and surrender to your peaceful surroundings.

Remember, self-care is not selfish. Fill your cup first so you can replenish the ones of others.

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