A word about Mink Lashes

August 05, 2020 2 min read

A word about Mink Lashes

Let’s be real. 2020 has turned our beauty routines upside down. We consciously uncoupled from our beauty therapists, may or may not have cut our own bangs and of course, we took our shopping online like never before. Unfortunately, some lash lovers may not know that not all products are created the same.

The increase in sales of lashes saw more and more consumers purchasing into the mink lash market with many not realising the implications that come with it.

If you didn’t know already, mink lashes are like its namesake, lashes created from furry little creatures called minks. As explained by PETA, mink fur (used to create coats, scarves and lashes) is derived by shaving the animal’s body.

The thing is, obtaining this fur isn’t like sheering a sheep. It involves the animal  being kept in overcrowded cages, malnourished and ultimately, killed.

Silly George has made a commitment to our customers that none of our products will ever be derived from or tested on an animal. Paired with our vegan-friendly formulations, we’ve always promised that your love for that #lashlife doesn’t need to be compromised.

With major beauty retailers like Sephora and Mecca stepping up against mink lash cruelty, we’re passing the mic over to our Co-Founder Miranda to share Silly George’s dedication to cruelty-free beauty.

“We at Silly George feel that this practice of mink harvesting for lashes is not only disgusting and unacceptable but completely unnecessary as there are so many cruelty-free/vegan options available for lashes. We have chosen to make our lashes from high quality, synthetic silk, which still look beautiful, classy and natural.

While this article is by no means meant to turn you off other lash brands [there's room in the market for every great brand!], your money is power, and by avoiding companies that insist on mink harvesting, you use that power to send a message. 

Without the demand, there is no place in the industry for this practice. Writing to these companies or commenting on advertisements you see also sends a strong message.”

Ethical beauty is the way forward. Discover our entire range of cruelty-free and vegan friendly products.