How to use eyelash curlers

March 14, 2022 2 min read

How to use eyelash curlers

Forget learning to drive or mastering the art of feng-shui, one of the most valuable things you’ll ever learn in life is what to do with that magical little contraption known as the eyelash curler. Why? Because with a few rapid curls your lashes suddenly come alive. Think bounce, think lift, think volume, think GORGEOUS.  

But as using a curler the wrong way can end up actually damaging your lashes, knowing the right technique is a real lash-saver.  

So we’ve brought you the ultimate step-by-step guide! 

1: Choose the right curler 

We’re all born with different lashes, so finding the curler that’s right for you is key. You want to get as much contact as possible between the clamps and your lashes, so think about your natural eye shape and lash length and aim for something which matches the shape of your lash line. 

2: Clean your lashes 

Apply some of your daily cleanser (micellar water works a treat!) to a cotton pad and gently clean your lashes and the area around your eye, removing any makeup or dirt. Bacteria can wreak havoc on healthy lashes, so we want to make sure we’re starting from a clean slate!   

3: Curl 

Take your eyelash curler, place the clamps as close as possible to the base of your upper lashes and clamp down for a count of five. Carefully walk the clamp out and repeat a couple of times, working your way along your lash line for a complete curl. If you like, you can do the same for your lower lashes. 

4: Add eyeshadow & liner 

If you’re going for a no makeup look, then skip this step! If using eyeshadow or liner, it’s best to apply it now so that it doesn’t coat your mascara.  

5: Apply primer 

Primer is a great way of locking in the curl you’ve achieved with your curler. A single coat will also make it easier to apply your mascara. 

6: Apply mascara 

The final step! Place the brush at the base of your lashes and gently sweep up towards the tips. And remember: make sure you don’t apply your mascara before curling, otherwise you could damage your lashes. 

Quick Fix? 

Once you’ve curled your natural lashes, you can save yourself all the extra steps of primer and mascara by using a falsie! It’s the perfect way to accentuate the shape of your newly curled lashes and takes half the time. The best part? Our lashes are held in place by our revolutionary LinerBond™ , a two-in-one eyeliner and adhesive, so you can apply your lashes and your eyeliner all at the same time. 

Still want to go all in and apply mascara to your lashes AS WELL AS a falsie? That’s OK too. Just follow our essential guide to ensure your false lashes stay squeaky clean. 

Congratulations – you're now a curling expert! ⭐️