How are eyelashes made?

August 27, 2021 2 min read

How are eyelashes made?

Hair today, gone tomorrow. What happens when your lashes aren’t delivering in the luscious department, and you need a little help to look and feel even more fabulous that you already are? You could try a touch of eyeliner and a lick of mascara, but these won’t actually give you longer lashes, so you turn to false eyelashes for some help.

There are 4 main ways to fix longer lashes: Extensions, Glue, Magnets and Eyeliner adhesive. To get extensions you need to pop down to your local beauty salon and have them glued on top of your existing eyelashes. Since they are attached to your existing lashes they will fall off with them – usually after about 3 months. Using glue is the reason most women avoid false lashes because of the potential mess. Initially they stick well but in the end they might not even last the whole day. Magnetics were developed as a simple alternative to glue – which they are. They’re easy to apply and take off although they may get heavy after a while. Eyeliner adhesives are simple to use and stick to your lashes without the addition of any extra weight.  

But how are the lashes they attach being made? Originally false eyelashes were made of human hair but now they’re made from synthetic silk, mink or real silk. The problem with real silk is that it tends to be too soft and won’t except a curl. Mink is a no-no as it’s cruel to animals, so we have a winner – synthetic silk! These can be attached individually as in extensions or attached to a band which is then placed over your existing lashes. 

Synthetic Silk lashes and a revolutionary eyeliner! 

All our lashes are made from synthetic silk (vegan, cruelty-free) and can be attached to your lashes using our amazing LinerBond PRO – a super special eyeliner that holds your beauty-enhancing lashes in place using nothing but its own adhesive strength and last up to 12 hours. Hair today, hair tonight! 

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