False lashes: what works best?

July 14, 2021 3 min read

False lashes: what works best?

As someone once said: life is there for the living. The getting out the house, walking, running, dancing, working, laughing kind of living. The kind that doesn’t involve worrying whether that smouldering look you’re rocking is suddenly going to quit on you.  

And yet if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably found yourself in a gym car park at some point in life panicking because one of those perfect lashes you put on only hours earlier has suddenly upped and gone. SERIOUSLY?  

Well, no longer. It’s time to understand the lash options out there and how long they’re really able to keep up with your lifestyle. Don’t stay in car park limbo, read on 😊  


Getting eyelash extensions involves attaching semi-permanent fibres (synthetic, faux mink or silk usually) directly onto your natural lashes using a glue. Results vary per person but most people can expect to add about 10mm to their lash length this way.   

 How long do they last?  

About 6 weeks. Since they’re attached to your lashes directly, once they fall off, so will the extensions.  

What’s the downside?  

Extensions are expensive. As there are 100+ individual extensions per eye the whole process can also take up to two hours and you have to re-invest the time and money every six weeks.  


Magnetics are false eyelashes which attach to your eyeline using magnets rather than glue. If that all sounds a little X-Men, don’t be alarmed: it’s actually fairly straightforward. For each eyelash you’ll get two falsies, an upper and an under, which contain tiny magnets. The upper strip goes across the top of your lash line whilst the under goes beneath and the magnetic force between them clamps them together.  

How long do they last?  

All day and multiple uses. Magnetics give you strong hold all day and because there’s no glue, there’s less chance of the falsie getting damaged which means you can usually expect to reuse one pair around 50 times. 

What’s the downside?  

Because magnetics effectively sandwich your eyeline, some people can find them heavy or uncomfortable. Magnetic eyelashes are cheaper than extensions but still expensive. 


You’ll probably be familiar with these. These are false lashes that are attached to your lash line using a glue, a process which at times might have made you feel like you’re in a nightmarish arts and crafts class.  

How long do they last?  

Well, this is where the arts and crafts comes in. Gluing lashes isn’t easy and whilst they’re supposed to hold all day, sometimes it only takes a tough workout to nudge them loose. Glue is also difficult to remove, something which limits the number of wears you get from a set (typically expect 4-5 wears for synthetic fibres and 10+ for human or animal fibres).  

What’s the downside?  

Unreliable hold and limited number of wears, plus all that time waiting for the glue to dry!  

Won’t anything give me consistent all-day hold without breaking the bank? 

 Yes! Believe me, we’ve been there. Which is why we spent months coming up with an alternative. Meet our new LinerBondPRO, a revolutionary eyeliner that holds your beauty-enhancing lashes in place using nothing but its own adhesive strength. 

No glue, no gunk, no more damaged lashes. All you do is apply a thin line to the tip of your eyelid and your false lashes will glide right on. There’s no need to wait for it to dry and there are no heavy magnets to slow you down.  

That’s it! You’ve now got lashes that will hold all day and even better, LinerBondPRO is water, humidity and activity resistant meaning your lashes will adapt to your lifestyle and not the other way round.   

 With that kind of freedom, what are you waiting for?😊