Can I put mascara on false lashes?

October 19, 2021 3 min read

Can I put mascara on false lashes?

If you’ve ever spent time in the UK you’ll know they have this whole THING around scones. Cream first, then jam? Jam first, then cream? You will rarely find people more obsessed with a small bun. But the whole 'what comes first' thing really matters when it comes to your lashes and the ever-reliable friend that is mascara. 

So, before you get ready for the day, read our quick tips on how to wear mascara with false lashes and never have to worry again!  

Do I need both?

That magic little mascara wand can transform your natural eyelashes in seconds, giving them a fuller, totally dramatic and pretty damn gorgeous appearance. False lashes do the same thing, but rather than just making your lashes LOOK longer, they actually MAKE THEM longer. So, is throwing both together overkill? Or is this actually the stairway to heaven?  

Well, the good news is that whatever you decide, you’re going to look gorgeous.  

Just false lashes 

Let’s say you’re in a rush or maybe you just want a slightly softer, more natural color for your lashes. All you need to do is pop on your falsies or treat yourself to an extension, and you’re suddenly going to have luscious long lashes without needing to do anything else. With the right application they’ll last day after day whatever you’ve got planned and your eyes will look amazing. 

Want more info on the options available? Check out our guide here.   

What if I add mascara? 

Mascara is going to darken your lashes, giving them even more depth and drama. You don’t have to add it, but doing so is going to take your eyes up just that one extra notch.  

Here’s what you need to know: 

Glue-Ons & Magnetics

1) Mascara should always be added BEFORE your false lashes if you are wearing magnetics or glue-ons. A thin coat of mascara will brighten up your natural lashes and your falsie will then be the cherry on top. The reason for this is simple: if you add mascara directly onto false lashes it can damage them (by making them brittle or causing the fibres to clump together) which will reduce the number of wears you get from them. 

2) Make sure you let the mascara dry fully before applying your falsies, again to avoid getting mascara on them and damaging them.

3) If you want to, you can apply mascara to your lower lash line to complete the look AFTER you have put on your falsies, taking care to avoid touching the falsie with your wand.

4) Last but not least – stay clear of waterproof mascara. This is the toughest of all the mascaras, made to cling onto those lashes for dear life, which means it is also potentially the most damaging to your falsies if it comes into contact with them. 


1) You can apply mascara to extensions, but experts recommend staying away from mascara if you’ve gone for the new volume extensions as mascara can make them look clumpy. 

2) If you do want to apply mascara to your extensions, stick to water-based mascaras or ones designed specifically to be used with extensions. If you use a mascara that contains oil, the oil can slowly break down the glue used to secure your extensions which means they won’t last as long.

3) Again, it’s best to avoid waterproof mascara as you might damage your extensions when trying to remove it. 

One last tip 

If you’re looking to take your lashes to the next level but you’re pressed for time then mascara isn't the only answer. Our revolutionary Black LinerBond is both an adhesive AND an eyeliner all in one. Unlike glue, it’s super quick to apply (no drying time!) and the precision tip will let you add volume to that eyeline in seconds. Then all you have to do is pop your falsies on top and the LinerBond will hold them in place with its own adhesive strength. Follow our step by step guide and you’ll see just how easy it is to apply. 

It’s a really great way to get ready-to-rock lashes in no time!