The best false lashes for Halloween

October 20, 2021 2 min read

The best false lashes for Halloween

Wondering how to nail your Halloween look? We’ve got everything you need to be at your best for the spookiest time of the year. The time when vampires, witches, zombies and the rest get to enjoy one blissful day where they can legitimately be considered sexy. And if transforming the undead or the downright unappealing into something ridiculously attractive isn’t a cause for celebration, then I really don’t know what is. 

So, get those lashes into gear, because it’s time to unleash hell! You know, the cute way. 

Read on to find out which lashes will make the perfect addition to your Halloween makeup. 

Volume Lashes 

Halloween is all about getting a little dark and to lashes that means volume. Choosing a falsie which adds depth to your lash line will help to concentrate the colour, giving your eyes a truly mischievous look.  

The Silly George option: Nova SuperNatural Lash

Dramatic Lashes 

Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of drama every now and then? If you want to keep things subtle, but still stay on theme, then a dramatic false lash is the answer. Which lashes are the most dramatic? Well, ideally you want something which adds length but isn’t completely uniform, so look for a band which has sections of long lashes followed by ‘gaps’, or sections, of shorter lashes. 

The Silly George option: Girl Boss Lash 


Doll Lashes 

If you’ve picked a costume and can’t decide which lashes to pair with it, doll lashes work with everything! They're cute, versatile and always intriguing, meaning you can use them to soften up any look. To get the right lash, look for a falsie which adds length across the whole width of the lash line but doesn't overpower your eyes.  

The Silly George option: Girl Next Door Lash 

Kitty Lashes 

Meow... looking to let out your inner feline? Kitty lashes are super feminine and can be dressed up for parties or dressed down for a playful work look. Because they widen your eye, they’re also amazing if you’ve gone for really vibrant face paint and want to make it pop. All you need is a falsie which gets longer as you move out towards the end of the band. FYI – this option is so popular, it even has a dedicated blog 😉.  

The Silly George option: Girl On Fire Lash 


Natural Lashes 

So many Halloween looks rely on black, but that doesn’t mean you have to be wedded to it. You can have all sorts of fun going for a totally transparent lash line and when everyone else has gone dark -, it’s actually a brilliant way to stand out! Many brands now offer clear-band false lashes -, go for a classic lash style and you’ll be dressed up without anyone ever realising 😊  

The Silly George option: Astra SuperNatural Lash 

Still can’t choose? You don't have to! Try one of our bundles and you’ll be able to pick a couple of different lash sets, giving you the freedom to mix and match your look depending on how you’re feeling.  


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