5 Ways You’re Damaging Your Lashes

April 15, 2022 2 min read

5 Ways You’re Damaging Your Lashes

Avoid these five things to give your lashes an instant turnaround.  

1) Lash Extensions

  • Heavy lash extensions can weigh down on your natural lashes, increasing the chance of shedding 
  • If the high-strength glues used in lash extensions aren’t applied correctly, they can also damage your natural lashes 
  • But don’t worry, if you’ve got extensions and you want to get rid of them, check out our extension removal guide 

 2) Dirty Eyelash Curlers

  • Over time, old makeup, mascara and even stray lash hairs can accumulate on your curler, which provides a breeding ground for bacteria 
  • Bacteria can damage the hair follicles at the base of your lash line, so make sure you clean your curler regularly 
  • It’s also helpful to know whether you should be using your curler before or after applying makeup and mascara, find out here 

 3) Rubbing Your Eyes Often

  • By generating friction along your lash line, you can damage the roots of your lashes 
  • The more you rub therefore, the more likely your lashes are to shed prematurely 

 4) Dirty Falsies

  • Many falsies can be reused multiple times, which is great for the planet and for your wallet 
  • However, in order to reuse them you need to keep them clean 
  • Reusing falsies which are caked in old makeup or mascara will allow bacteria to spread and that in turn will damage your lashes 

 5) Poor Curling Technique

  • Curlers are wonderful little inventions but it’s important that they’re used correctly 
  • If you are rough on your lashes when using your curler, if you tug or pull, there’s a risk that your lashes could be damaged or break 
  • Make sure you’ve got the right technique by reading our how-to blog  

Restore Your Lashes

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