Will your eyelashes make history?

April 12, 2022 2 min read

Will your eyelashes make history?

We live immersed in our world of tiktokers and digital influencers of all sorts as we seem to spend more time staring into the small screen than we even look at ourselves in the mirror. But, back in the day, it was the big screen that, more than anything, drove our desire to look prettier and to resemble world famous figures. We are constantly looking for inspiration in our everyday inner goddesses, and to remind ourselves of this, we look through history to find out who these women were who inspired us to look our best now and then. 

It seems that this Canadian woman was the first person who patented what we know as “false lashes” back in 1911. However, the fascination for longer lashes goes way back. There are writings that indicate that both males and females in Egypt used to make their eyelashes darker to safeguard their eyes from the harmful effects of the sun in the middle of the desert. Also, in ancient Rome, there was a belief shared in society that the longer the lashes the greater the virtue of an individual. We reckon Anna Taylor would be our Girl Next Door.

Longer lashes only started becoming widely popular among the masses later on when Seena Owen starred in a film called Intolerance in 1916. Of course, at the time, there were certain healthsafety, and technological limitations which have fortunately been overcome nowadays. Seena Owen was a trendsetter for fuller lashes. No doubt today  she would be ourGirl About Town lady.

In addition to the historical figures from the early 1900s, some women, such as Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, also appear at the top lists of women who have a strong lash game. Whether helped by genetics or relying on a great quality serum, her lashes look simply fabulous and help her keep her sexy look at the age of 49. Can you picture Zeta-Jones applying her Lash Growth Serum to feel and look fabulous? Oh yes, let’s channel this goddess! 

Whether you prefer the simple quick fix of artificial lashes or a more natural look which you can control over time, both are possible with S!lly George. Could you still do with some more inspiration that suit your style? Check this blog and understand what fits best for your personality and your eyes. Whether we see you on the small or big screen, let’s make history together – or at least some funTikTok videos!