10 Step Guide: Applying Make-Up With False Lashes

August 09, 2021 2 min read

10 Step Guide: Applying Make-Up With False Lashes

Throwing on a set of lush, long lashes is a great way to brighten up a look in seconds and what's even better is that you won’t have to say goodbye to your favourite shades or shadows either.  

You don’t need to be any kind of expert to easily combine your normal make-up routine with a gorgeous set of falsies and just to prove it we’ve put together a super simple 10-step guide.  

Follow the steps below and you can’t go wrong!

1) The first thing you need to do is trim your lashes to the desired length and then set them to one side.

2) Now add your primer and foundation.

3) Continue with your usual make-up routine, leaving your eyes until last.

4) When you’re ready for the eyes, apply your eyeshadow as normal – you don’t need to ‘leave room’ for your false lashes by your eyeline. 

5) If using mascara, apply this onto your natural lashes, making sure to let it dry. Don't double up and apply it again later to your falsies as it will make the lashes brittle and they won’t last as long. If you are worried about blending your false and natural lashes, another option is to give your natural lashes a quick curl, this will help the shapes match. 

6) Make-up almost done, now reach for those falsies! By doing it in this order you’ll avoid getting make-up on the lashes themselves which could soil or damage them. 

7) Put a thin line of glue along the lash band.

8) Slide your lashes into place at your natural lash line. It’s so helpful to use an applicator for this as you can be much more precise and it will save you having to re-do your make-up by accidentally placing them at the wrong height and getting glue on your eyeshadow.

9) Wait for the glue to dry. And wait. And wait. Zzzzzz.....

10) If you feel like a final touch, now’s the time for some eyeliner. We’d recommend using gel or liquid eyeliners since they tend not to tug on the skin as much as pencil or crayon, which means less chance of knocking your lashes out of place.  

And that’s really all it takes. Pristine lashes, killer looks, no time at all!  

PRO TIP: Try to avoid using oil or cream-based products around your eye area. Oil can break down everyday lash glue whilst creams can cake around the lash band, making them harder to reuse.  

Want to make it even easier? 

Here at Silly George we think there’s far too much happening in a day for you to be hanging around. Waiting for glue to dry is just a drag. So we’ve come up with something pretty revolutionary.  

We call it LinerBondPRO™ and it’s an eyeliner and adhesive all in one! LinerBond™ holds your false lashes in place with its own adhesive strength and there’s zero drying time, so a quick line over your lids and those lashes are ready to go. No glue also means no limits – you can use whatever eye products you prefer and it will still deliver great hold.  

And to give you the freedom to match it to your make-up style, it comes in both black and transparent.  

After all, they say the greatest luxury is choice 😊