Why eyelash combs are a must-have

March 09, 2022 2 min read

Why eyelash combs are a must-have

If you ever find yourself in a rush, a quick comb and a dash of mascara are an amazing way of giving your lashes an instant lift.  

Why should I comb my lashes?

1) Combing your lashes untangles any naughty clumps and keeps your lashes neatly separated which maximises your volume. 

2) Combing helps to give form to your lashes, drawing them out to their full length.  

Lash Combing Tips

How do I comb my lashes? 

Step 1: Place your finger onto the outer corner of your eye and gently pull horizontally outwards so that your eyelid goes taut. This will make combing easier. 

Step 2: Look down, place the comb underneath your lashes and insert it at the midpoint, then gently glide upwards to the tips, working out any clumps. 

It’s important to be gentle here. If you feel the comb getting stuck just wiggle it around until the clump releases, don’t try to pull straight through the clump as you might damage your lashes. 

And that’s it, talk about easy! 

Can I combine falsies with combing? 

You sure can. Combing your natural lashes before you apply your falsies will give your whole lash extra bounce. If you are thinking of using mascara, then the process is similar to curling: we’d recommend you comb first before applying your mascara because mascara tends to make your lashes more brittle, making it harder to loosen out clumps. 

Of course, whilst lash combs are a great way of making your lashes look fuller, there’s also a guaranteed way to actually make them fuller and that’s by using a Lash Growth Serum. Growth Serums stimulate the hair follicles along your lash line to boost growth in just six weeks. 

Try it today and you’ll be on your way to thicker, fuller lashes in no time!