The Best False Lashes For Small Eyes

April 27, 2022 2 min read

The Best False Lashes For Small Eyes

We covered the different types of eye shape in an earlier blog, so now it’s time to talk about eye size.  

The first thing to say about eye size is this: having bigger or smaller eyes doesn’t make a person any more or any less beautiful. We’re not talking about changing your natural look or trying to fake something you’re not;, far from it! Knowing your eye size just allows you to select the false lashes that will them offthe best way possible. In other words, it’s about letting your natural beauty shine through!

Find outbelowwhat size eyes you’ve got...

How to measure your eyes 

It couldn’t be simpler. Use your thumb and your index finger to measure the approximate width from the inner corner of one eye to its outer corner. Then compare this distance with the width of your nose or mouth. Yes, it’s that easy! If the width of your eyes is roughly the same width as your nose or mouth, your eyes are average size. If the width of your eyes is significantly smaller, then

Small Eyes 

If you find you’ve got small eyes, you want to make sure that everybody gets drawn into them!  

That means selecting a falsie that will open up your gaze without darkening the edges of your eyes too much, because very dark colours naturally narrow your look. With that in mind, we’ve pulled out the two best Silly George lash set options for small eyes: 

1) Girl Friday – the added volume and length which build towards the centre of your eye will help to give your eye a greater arc. The lashes are also evenly-distributed rather than clustered, giving them an even, soft colour which won’t darken your gaze. 

2) Halley SuperNatural– the clear band will give your eyes a light, bright, exuberance whilst the criss-cross lash structure will naturally broaden the eye line. 

So that’s size covered! If you also want to know which of our lashes are best suited to each different eye shape, this blog has all the answers. 

Start experimenting and remember, your eyes sparkle on the outside when you shine on the inside. 😊