Is Lash Glue Safe?

June 28, 2023 3 min read

Is Lash Glue Safe?

Lash glue has been around for ever, but have you ever stopped to wonder how safe it is for your lashes? If you are a regular false lash user or even if you only occasionally throw on a falsie, it’s time you found out!

In this blog:

  • What is lash glue?
  • How does lash glue work?
  • Is lash glue safe to use? What are the risks?
  • Is lash glue FDA-approved?
  • Is it safe to remove lash glue?
  • What’s the difference between lash glue and lash adhesive?
  • The safe option for your lashes

So, let’s dive into lash glue safety, buzz words like ‘FDA-approved’, and everything else you need to know.

What is lash glue?

Lash glue is the gooey stuff that’s normally used to attach your false lashes to your natural lashes.

How does lash glue work?

When exposed to oxygen, lash glue dries and hardens, causing the molecules around it to stick together. This is what holds your false lashes in place.

Is lash glue safe to use? What are the risks?

Lash glue is generally safe to use, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t risks.

  • Lash glue can cause lashes to clump or stick, increasing the risk of breakage or shedding
  • Certain ingredients used in some lash glues can represent a risk to your skin. We recommend avoiding methylacrylate, formaldehyde, parabens, and latex, as these can potentially cause irritation, redness, burning, itching, or tearing.

The Risk of Lash Clumping. When lash glue isn’t applied correctly, it can run across your natural lashes and cause clumping

Is lash glue FDA-approved?

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers eyelash glues to be cosmetic products, which means they have to conform to the same safety and labelling requirements as other cosmetic products.

With that in mind, any lash glue that is sold in the United States should meet the standards set out by the FDA. However, the FDA isn’t in the business of directly endorsing brands! So, if you see the label ‘FDA-approved’ on a product, that simply means that the brand is following the rules set out by the FDA.

The same is true for brands that talk about using laboratories which are ‘FDA-approved’ - this does not mean that the FDA prefers some brands over others, it’s simply a way of confirming to you the consumer that the product meets FDA standards.

Is it safe to remove lash glue?

One of the potential risks associated with lash glue is removing it without damaging your lashes. If you find your lash glue has clumped, don’t try to tug it out! Instead, follow our simple, safe instructions here to remove your lash glue quickly and easily.

What’s the difference between lash glue and lash adhesive?

Glue is an adhesive that has had liquid added to it. The advantage of lash adhesives, compared to glues, is that they tend not to ‘run’ when applied. This makes lash adhesives more attractive, because there is less chance of the adhesive spilling onto other eye areas (causing irritation) or your natural lashes (causing clumping and stickiness).

The safest lash glue alternative

For these reasons, we at Silly George believe adhesives are the safest, most effective option when it comes to applying your lashes. Which is why we have developed our very own! Our revolutionary, proprietary lash adhesive LinerBond™, applies in seconds and holds your lashes firmly in place all day. Not only does it conform to all the necessary FDA requirements, but it’s also PETA-approved. You can use it across ALL of our gorgeous Girl Series and SuperNatural Series Lashes, and enjoy over 30+ wears.

Get started with our Starter Bundle and get your choice of Girl Series Lash along with your preferred LinerBond™ for less!

Meta: Are lash glues safe to use on your natural lashes? What are the risks? Are adhesives a good alternative? Read on to find out.

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