How to give your eyelashes a Halloween makeover

October 31, 2021 2 min read

How to give your eyelashes a Halloween makeover

The countdown to Halloween has begun so we’ve put together 5 super easy makeup ideas to get you and your lashes ready to party! 

Spider’s Web 

If you don’t fancy trawling through the costume store, this is a great option. Start by applying some smokey dark eyeshadow, building up a tone-two effect around the eye so that it goes from dark to light as you move further out. Then use a liquid eyeliner to draw out the lines of a spider’s web. Add a pair of falsies which will mirror the outward trajectory of the web and you’re done! 

Cute Cat 

The Halloween equivalent of the Little Black Dress, this is a classic. All you do is take your eyeliner and trace a line across your upper and lower lids, from inside out, so that the line swishes out beyond the outer corner of your eye. This works so well with false lashes, because the long line really brings out the extra volume. Using the same eyeliner, add whiskers and a nose, throw on some dark lipstick and that’s all it takes.  

Sexy Devil 

Another clever two-tone option, this time build a brown base shadow around your eye and add a splash of red eyeshadow to the inner corner. Then, using red lip liner, red eyeliner or facepaint, draw a spikey devil’s tail through each eyebrow and pop on those false lashes. Look out world, you’re ready for some mischief :)  

Wicked Witch 

After you’ve prepped your eyes, apply some very Halloween-y slime green eyeshadow to your upper eyelid, blending up towards your eyebrows. On top of this base layer, add a smaller area of black eyeshadow just above your lash line and a little underneath your eye for a truly spooky look. Follow up by adding some more of the slime green eyeshadow below the darker shadow beneath your eye. Line those eyes, add a little glitter to the corners if you want some extra sparkle, then add on your falsies for a truly dramatic finish. A splash of black lipstick for a final touch and all you’re missing now is a broomstick. 


If you want to take it a level above the usual cat eyes, why not try leopard? It’s the super low-maintenance look that is majorly high-impact. First, draw some organic shapes (that means random splodges basically!) on your eyelid and below your eyebrows. Then, using a black eyeliner, circle the brown dots you’ve made, instantly transforming them into leopard spots! Matched with a pair of fluttering false lashes, you’ll be queen of the jungle. 

So there you have it, five super easy looks that will make you the envy of any Halloween gathering. And remember, if you’re thinking of getting creative with your makeup then it’s so worth checking out our revolutionary LinerBond™. With no glue and no mess, it makes getting ready completely fuss-free. The best part? You can use it with ALL of our gorgeous lashes

Halloween here you come!