Can you wear false lashes on top of extensions?

July 04, 2022 2 min read

Can you wear false lashes on top of extensions?

Who doesn’t want all the extra lash volume they can get? OK, so it’s not crazy to wonder what might happen if you spiced up your extensions by adding your favourite false lashes on top.  

But the question is – is it a good idea? 

Read on to find out! 

What are lash extensions? 

Extensions are artificial fibres attached individually to your natural lashes using a glue, making your lashes look longer.  

Are they safe? 

Extensions can damage your natural lashes in a number of ways: 

  • Extra weight drags down on your natural lashes, leading to increased shedding 
  • Strong application glue required can damage your natural lashes and irritate your skin  
  • Bacteria can accumulate around the extension joint, potentially leading to inflammation which can damage your hair follicles 

What if I add a falsie on top? 

As you can see, extensions already give your natural lashes a load of problems. But when you add a falsie on top, you can end up damaging both.  

Extra Weight – the extra weight of a falsie added to the weight of your extensions will put even more pressure on your natural lashes and can even lead to... gulp... eyelash balding. 

Sticky Glue – if the glue you use to apply your falsie gets on to your extensions, it can cause them to clump, ruining their appearance. 

Removal – and if you do accidentally get lash glue on your extensions, what happens when you remove your falsie? There’s a risk you’ll pull out the extension and your natural lash with it!  

The answer 

Wearing a falsie on top of your extensions isn’t a good move. 

So, what’s the best way to improve my lash line?

1) Stay away from lash extensions which can damage your natural lashes. If you already have extensions, find out how to have them removed safely here.

2) Nourish and strengthen your natural lashes using a Lash Growth Serum.

3) Get all the volume you need by finding the falsie that’s right for you! Start by working out your eye shape

That’s your 1,2,3 to longer, thicker lashes!