Wispy Lashes: Everything You Need to Know

July 07, 2022 2 min read

Wispy Lashes: Everything You Need to Know

Wispy lashes might have been made famous by a little someone called Kim Kardashian, but the Kim K’ look is now just one of several different wispy options to liven up those lashes of yours.  

So, what’s this trend all about and how do you nail the wispy look? We’ve got the answers. 

Why wispy? 

The wispy lash look uses false lashes that rise and fall along your lash line. So, rather than making all of your lashes the same length, you get dramatic bursts of longer lashes which give your lash line way more drama and intrigue. 

Why is it such a popular look? 

You might expect bursts of lashes to look artificial, but actually the opposite is actually true! Uneven false lashes actually blend in better with the cadence of your natural lashes, giving you a light, fluffy finish along your lash line which looks super natural.  

What are the options? 

Although all wispy looks are based on having bursts of lashes, where those bursts are positioned along the false lash band changes the end result. Over time, each of these different options has developed a name: 

Kim K

The wispy look that started them all. Bursts of lashes grow steadily longer as you move from each end of the lash band towards the middle, with each burst separated by a much shorter section. Use this one if you want to concentrate all of the focus on the middle of the eyes. 

Best Silly George Lash:Girl OverBoard


Lashes get longer moving from out to in, but this time it’s a gradual increase with no shorter sections. Use this if you want to add depth across the whole of your lash line. 

Best Silly George Lash: Girl Goals Lash


Just like Dolly, in this version the lashes get slowly longer moving from out to in, but the false lashes are more spread out. Use this if you want a similar depth to Dolly but with a lighter final look. 

Best Silly George Lash: Astra SuperNatural


The longer sections are concentrated about 2/3 towards the outer end of the false lash band. Use this if you want to draw attention inwards towards your nose.  

Best Silly George Lash: Cassiopeia SuperNatural


The trusty cat eye gets a wispy twist! This time the longer sections are clustered right at the very outer ends of the lash band. Use this if you want to open up your eye area and add width to your gaze. 

Best Silly George Lash: Girl Next Door 

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So, give your lashes a makeover and go wispy!