What helps eyelashes grow?

September 21, 2021 3 min read

What helps eyelashes grow?

Mascara is great, but wouldn’t it be wicked just to wake up with longer lashes? Duh, you’re thinking. But did you know that before we even get to talking about extensions, magnetics or falsies, there’s a whole lot you could be doing to boost your natural lash growth?  

That’s right. We’re talking longer, thicker, healthier lashes, ready first thing in the morning. Now that’s a seriously good way to start the day.  

Let’s get to it! Below you’ll find everything you need to know about helping your lashes fulfill their potential and none of it involves an expensive trip to the salon. So, sit back, relax and enjoy 😊 


Your lashes are a living, breathing, part of your body. Well, maybe not breathing, but you get the idea. Just like the way you’d care for your skin, your lashes need a little TLC to keep them in a permanent state of gorgeousness. And it all starts with keeping them properly moisturised.  

You see, your lashes go through a natural growth cycle. They start out as a tiny little root, grow into a full lash, and then eventually shed. This is happening continuously, so you’ll always have some lashes that are just beginning to grow, some in their prime, and some about to shed.  

That’s great, because it means your lashes are already growing and replenishing, without you having to ask 😉 The only thing you need to do is keep them happy along the way.  

Why? Well, if your lashes become dry and brittle then they are much more likely to break, and that will mean you end up with fewer full-length lashes. Luckily, this is where moisturisers come in. 

Although they don’t directly promote growth, moisturisers nourish the lashes and the roots which anchors them, keeping them soft, flexible and protected so that they can go through their natural growth cycle without any interruptions. 

There are lots of different products which can help moisturise your lashes. Whichever you use, you’ll want to apply it before going to bed using your finger, a mascara wand or cotton swab. Leave it to absorb during the night and repeat for about a month until you start to see those lashes shine!  

Castor Oil

Castor Oil is super hydrating and is known for being both an ‘emollient’ AND an ‘occlusive.’ All that means is that it’s able to penetrate inside your lash to nourish it and, at the same time, it prevents moisture from escaping from it. Clever, right? 

Olive Oil

Yes, the humble olive oil! But it’s actually full of essential fatty acids which help moisturise and soften your lashes. 

Coconut Oil

A fragrant, luxurious option to keep those lashes moisturised, coconut oil is said to prevent protein loss from your lashes and to protect against damage. 

Vitamin E Oil

A Kardashian favourite, vitamin E helps cells in our body to regenerate, meaning your hair follicles will always be fresh and ready to go.  


Is there anything Vaseline can’t do? That’s right, as a petroleum jelly, Vaseline has great moisturising properties. 

Good Nutrition 

Although you never really think about putting your lashes on a diet (because that would be weird...) it’s super important for your body to get the right vitamins and minerals so that it can grow healthy, strong lashes. If you want to make sure you’re stocked up on goodness, try eating a balanced diet full of protein, fruits and vegetables which together contain all the things you’ll need.  

P.S. One of the secret stars of the vitamin world is biotin, vitamin B, which you’ll find in nuts and kale or as a supplement. It’s long been spoken about in terms of the benefits it can provide to our hair and it seems that the same is true for our lashes. 

Care Routine 

The final thing to think about is the way you’re looking after your lashes from day to day. Everything from leftover makeup to the pollution in a city can slowly accumulate on your lash line, providing a place where bacteria can develop. And if this happens, it can limit lash growth. 

But don’t worry, you don’t need to be doing anything complicated to avoid this. A gentle cleanser at the end of each day will keep your lashes in great shape and, as an added bonus, by removing your makeup before bed you’ll also make sure you're getting rid of that brittle mascara which might cause a lash to break while you sleep.  

But wait, there’s one last option. 

As you’ll see, so much of helping lashes grow is just giving them the necessary vitamins, nourishment and protection to do what they know how to do already. But so far, we haven’t seen anything that will actually speed this up. Until now! That’s because over the last few years there has been a scientific breakthrough which CAN speed up your lash growth: welcome to the world of lash growth serums. 

Growth serums work by activating your hair follicles, promoting naturally longer and thicker lashes. Applied twice a day to your lashes, they’re a great option if you’re looking for quick results. 

In fact, our very own Lash Growth Serum will improve your lashes in just six weeks. It will also save you bags of time hunting around because it’s dermatologically approved and free of any nasty parabens, sulphates or toxins.  

If you want naturally long lashes, this is all the encouragement your lashes need!