Magnetic Liner vs. LinerBond

It’s 2020 and the lash competition (among other things) is getting wild!

We’re going bolder, longer, and thicker. I mean, who doesn’t want eye-flaunting falsies?


Luckily for us, the application choices are endless! We’ve got magnets, glues, LinerBond...

Wait, what’s LinerBond?


Oh right! We’ll catch you up. NEW LinerBond is aneyeliner adhesive. You just swipe the LinerBond onto your lid and place your lashes.


It even dries in seconds for instant lash hold!

But what about magnetic lashes? Those are still around, right? Yep! They’re still in the game.


So… what’s better,Magnetic Liner or LinerBond? We decided to perform a little test to see which product is the real winner and we can’t wait for you to read the results!

Application Time

Magnetic:Swipe on magnetic liner aaaaaand… wait. A couple more minutes. Okay, now it’s dry. Go ahead and stick those lashes on top!


LinerBond:Simply apply LinerBond as eyeliner and place your lashes. Viola! Instant application.


Winner: LinerBond

Hold Strength

Magnetic: A layer of magnets are attached to your eye by a liquid magnet. Sound secure? Not really. Unfortunately, due to their weight and bulkiness, magnetic lashes feel like they’re about to fall off half the time… and the other half, they actually are falling off.


LinerBond: Not only does LinerBond achieve an instant hold, but it holds strong. All. Day. Long.


Winner: LinerBond


Magnetic:Give your eyelids a workout with those magnetic weights. They heavy.


LinerBond:Feather-light. No clumpy glue or bulky magnets? You’ll forget you’re even wearing falsies!


Winner: LinerBond


Magnetic: Magnets don’t bend so easily. In addition, the magnets are dispersed along the lashes, so there’s a chance of lifting at the ends if the length doesn’t perfectly meet up at the magnet. And, because everyone has different eye lengths, this is pretty common during the trimming process. Overall, magnetic lashes tend to look less natural and are less tailored for your eyes.


LinerBond: Since the adhesive is applied directly to the lash line, you can easily bend and form the lashes to match the shape of your natural lashes for a flawless look. And since it’s an adhesive, the entire lash will be secure - no lifting or slipping!


Winner: LinerBond


Magnetic: As of right now, magnetic liners only come in black or darker colors . Now, we love a good dramatic eyeliner, but it’s nice to have options, right?


LinerBond: LinerBond comes in both clear and black. So, you can go dramatic or all-natural depending on your mood!


Winner: LinerBond


Magnetic: Depending on the brand, there might not be anythingtoxic about magnetic liners. There is, however, some debate about the effect of having magnets near your eyes all day. It’s up to you.


LinerBond:Toxin-free, low-allergenic, latex-free, paraben-free, sulphate-free, cruelty-free & vegan - it’s safe.


Winner: LinerBond

It looks like we have a winner:

LinerBond by Silly George!


While both magnet liner and LinerBond successfully skip the messy glue, LinerBond makes the process even more straightforward. It’s quicker to apply, holds stronger, and looks better. It’s a win-win-win.

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