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Clear LinerBond™ Girl Series Basic Bundle Subscription

What Should I Get ? Subscription Details

Subscribe for 15% OFF and a FREE Lash Cleaning Kit 

Not only do you get a clear and revolutionary eyeliner, but you also have the flexibility to choose lashes that suit your style, all while saving 15% and receiving a complimentary Lash Cleaning Kit to help maintain your lashes.

▼What you will get

1 x Clear LinerBondPRO™

  • The revolutionary new lash eyeliner
  • LinerBondPRO™’s new formula and technology mean ultra-easy application, and no "eyeliner look" is necessary

2x Sets Of Girl Lash Series (Choose your style)

  • Up to 30+ wears
  • Lightweight & comfortable
  • Made of luxurious synthetic silk
  • Come in handy case with mirror
Choose your lash style

Girl Friday

  • The most natural beauty, from weekends to weekdays.
  • Eyeshape: Almond, Small, Round.
  • Length: 4mm–10mm, trimmable, round shape.

Girl Next Door

  • Perfect for any moment in life.
  • Eyeshape: Almond, Small, Round.
  • Length: 6mm-11mm, trimmable, round shape.

Girl Overboard

  • Transform your look with the perfect length.
  • Eyeshape: Almond, Deep, Round, Hooded, Monolid.
  • Length: 5mm-11mm, trimmable.

Girl About Town

  • Enhance the outer half of your eyes with the perfect mini lash.
  • Eyeshape: Almond, Small, Round, Hooded.
  • Length: 6mm-10mm, trimmable.

Girl Crush

  • For day and night: the gorgeous criss-cross cat-eye style.
  • Eyeshape: Almond, Deep, Round, Hooded, Monolid.
  • Length: 5mm-11mm, trimmable.

Girl Goals

  • Our gorgeous fluffy faux-mink lash.
  • Eyeshape: Almond, Deep, Round, Monolid.
  • Length: 8mm-12mm, trimmable.

Girl Boss

  • Our funnest lashes to date!
  • Eyeshape: Almond, Deep, Round.
  • Length: 9mm-13mm, trimmable.

Girl on Fire

  • Our biggest and boldest lash so far!
  • Eyeshape: Almond, Deep, Round.
  • Length: 5mm-14mm, trimmable.
Girl Lash Series Features
  • Black band for a elegant lash look
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Super flexible
  • Water resistant & easy to clean
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
  • Durable, use up to 40+ times
  • Easy to apply
  • Trimmable to size
  • Made of luxurious synthetic silk
LinerBondPRO™ Features
  • LinerBondPRO™’s new formula and technology mean ultra-easy application, and no "eyeliner look" is necessary
  • Multiple wears (60+ for LinerBondPRO™, 40+ for lashes)
  • LinerBondPRO™ doesn't require drying -time
  • It's whatever-proof: Water, wind, sweat, teardrops, weather resistant
  • Lightweight & comfortable (no magnets!)
  • Vegan & cruelty-free. PETA approved
  • Toxin-free, low-allergenic, latex-free, damage-your-natural-lashes-free

LinerBond Pro: Aqua (water), HEMA, Acetoacetate, Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP), Sodium Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Phonexyethanol.


What Makes These Lashes Great?

  • Gorgeous appearance
  • Elegant black band
  • Easy application
  • Fast drying time
  • Non-toxic and cruelty-free

How to Apply?


Shake your LinerBond™ pen, remove the cap, and smoothly apply the liner to your lashline


Draw a thick line matching your lashband for secure lash attachment, applying the liner from inner to outer corner. 


Place lashes by aligning lash strip to your eye, starting from inner corner, press and hold for a few seconds. 

Extra Tip

If you need to reposition your LinerBond™ lashes, simply peel off the lash strip and apply some more LinerBond™ adhesive to your lash line. Reposition your lashes as necessary. 

The linerbond difference

Holds for long
Easy to Apply
Safe for your lashes
Water Resistent

Want to know more?

No sloppy mess getting into your natural lashes (which means no ripping them out when you remove your lashes).

No crusty glue residue left all over your lashes, which means you get many more uses out of them.

Magnetic eyeliner had its place, but this is the new revolution.  LinerBond™ holds stronger and longer, and no magnets on your lashes means they're lighter, AND you can technically use any lashes (well...except magnetic lashes). Because LinerBond™ is so superior to magnetic eyeliner, we have phased out our own magnetic eyeliner system and replaced it with LinerBond™. 

And this clear LinerBond version means you don't need to be an eyeliner expert- no precision needed!

You only need a line as thin as your lash band to hold your lashes on.

BUT if you do overshoot your lash line and feel a bit sticky, you can pop on either some translucent powder or eyeshadow on top.

Gently pull off your lashes (leaving your natural ones 100% intact- you're welcome!). Pop your lashes back in their case to keep them ready for next time.

LinerBond can be easily removed with any eye-makeup remover (micellar water and baby oil work well, as does our Lid & Lash Cleanser). No scratching, scrubbing, or picking out of your natural lashes necessary!

To properly care for your lashes, we recommend cleaning any buildup on your lash band every 5 or so times you wear them. To do that, you can gently use a qtip/ cotton bud with eye makeup remover. With gentle handling and proper care, we expect that you will get 30+ uses out of your lashes!

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5 Stars

I have been using silly George lashes for years. Great quality, they look natural and the glue is superior.

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