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Best Sellers

quick and simple application!

No Messy Glue. No Magnets. The LinerBondPRO™ is the revolutionary new lash eyeliner. Holding your lashes with its own adhesive strength, without magnets.

Love it or we have a 100% money back guarantee!




Best Sellers
SuperNatural & Girl Lash Series

Stunning looks without big efforts!

They're: Water, wind, sweat, teardrops, weather resistant. Lightweight & comfortable. Trimmable ends to fit to eye shape/size if needed

Supernatural and Girl Series Lashes

14 Lash Styles
to choose from


These lashes are

No dramas in putting them on, very lightweight and looked so natural on me.. i better order the rest of the set best decision in my life!

So easy!

I love the variety available. It was fun and easy to try the clear and black linerbond, and the lashes are wonderful! I can’t believe how simple this is… coming from a magnetic lash system, I’m super impressed!

Best Sellers
Growth Serum

Longer Natural Lashes & Brows
within 6 weeks

Formulated with breakthrough technology, it will give you naturally longer, thicker and stronger lashes, with less lash fallout.

Top 3 Cosmopoliton



I have to admit I was skeptical but decided to giveit a try. I was blown away by the results in justa few weeks!

Can’t believe it

I swear by this product. I’ve always had short blond lashes that I would need to get tinted once a month. Using this product even my beauty therapist asked me what I was doing because they’re darker and noticeably longer and thicker. I am a life long user of this now and never have to wear mascara. I love it.

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Indulge in premiumquality without breaking the bank.We believe inoffering you the best without compromise.Luxurious beauty shouldn't comewith an intimidating price tag. 

Global Beauty Delivered to Your Doorstep:

Spanning continents,our reach knows nobounds.With warehouses strategically located inthe USA, UK, Netherlands,and Australia,we ensure swift globalshipping. Saygoodbye to borders and hello to beauty without boundaries. 

Your Satisfaction, Our Promise:

Your satisfaction is our unwavering commitment.That's why we proudly offer amoney-back guarantee.We standbehind every product,every time. 

Your Beauty, Your Way:

Beyond products,we're your companions on your beauty journey.We're here to educate,empower,and uplift you every step of the way.We understand your needs and curate content that resonates, making ameaningful impact on your beauty. 

A revolutionary way to place your lashes!

Magnetic eyeliner had itsplace,but this is the newrevolution.LinerBond holds stronger and longer,and nomagnets on your lashes means they're lighter, ANDyou can technically useany lashes (well...except magnetic lashes).Because LinerBond is so superiorto magnetic eyeliner,we have phased outour own magnetic eyeliner systemand replaced itwith LinerBond. 

Reusable lashes for your everyday life!

Our lashes aredurable and made to last,but you can usethem up to 40+ times!You can say hello to long-lasting,reusable,and vegan lashes made of luxurious sythetic silk. 

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