Say hello to our Supernatural Lash Series, the perfect compliment to Clear LinerBond™ PRO!

Our new clear band lashes blend invisibly for a more natural look than traditional black band lashes. Great for all makeup looks, you can wear them anywhere at any time, so your lashes are always the perfect finishing touch to your look.

The Most Natural
Lashes In Town

Clear-band technology that blends seamlessly with your natural lash line

Perfect for every look and every occasion

Water-resistant, durable and easy to clean

Five options to choose from

Lightweight and flexible for ultimate comfort

Works with Clear PRO & Black LinerBond™ (or even lash glue if that’s still your thing)

40+ wears from every set

A Stunning Lash
Look in Seconds

A Stunning Lash
Look in Seconds

One sweep of
LinerBond™ PRO

Pop on your lashes


The Perfect Partner

Clear LinerBond™ PRO is our revolutionary, transparent eyeliner that holds your lashes in place all day with its own adhesive strength. It's super easy to apply and clean off even if you’ve never tried it before and it needs absolutely no drying time. Even better, it gives you all-day hold with an amazing 60+ wears.

The Five Stars


the longest lash in the galaxy, perfect for giving your eyes volume and depth


the criss-cross cat eye, great if you’re looking for more shape and style


The wispiest radiance, the ultimate choice for that truly dreamy look


The fullest twinkle, gives you thicker, more luxurious lashes


the angled accent lash designed to widen your gaze

Go Natural

Start your new natural life in style with one of our fantastic combo kits:

LinerBond PRO
Choice of 1 lash set

Clear LinerBond PRO
+ choice of 1 lash set + lid & lash cleanser + lash application kit

Clear LinerBond PRO
+ choice of 2 lash sets