The Best False Lashes for Deep-Set Eyes

July 06, 2022 1 min read

The Best False Lashes for Deep-Set Eyes

Well done! If you’re here it means you’ve probably read our overview of the 5 main eye shapes and worked out that you have deep-set eyes. That’s huge, because knowing your eye shape will help you pick the best possible false lash for an absolutely killer look.  

So, if you’re a deep-set diva, this one’s for you.

What are deep-set eyes? 

Deep-set eyes are set slightly deeper within the face, making your brow line slightly more prominent. They’re awesome, because this slightly more reserved eye position means you can o wild with your false lashes without having to worry about them overpowering the rest of your look. 

Which lash style works best?  

Deep-set eyes work best with lashes that are long, long, long. The extra length will bring your eyes forward,  really making them a feature of your look.

The 3 lashes you should own 

Ready to start your false lash collection? These three beauties are a great starting point for anyone with deep-set eyes: 

1) Girl Next Door 

Builds length steadily across your lash line for a natural volume boost. 

2) Girl Goals 

Serious extra length concentrated in the middle of the lash to draw people into your eyes. 

3) Nova SuperNatural 

Decadent amounts of volume across the whole band for a full, flourishing lash line. 

And once you’ve got your perfect lash, why not check out our easy 10 Step Guide to applying makeup with false lashes?