5 Ways to Look Cute for the Holidays

December 17, 2018

With the winter months kicking in and holiday festivities constantly around us, why not spice up your look with these 5 ways to look cute this Christmas. After all, it’s the time of giving so why not give yourself the best. You deserve it!

1. Moisturize

This is so important during this time of the year and sometimes we tend to forget. With the cold coming in at its ultimate high, our skin can get very dry as well as our lips getting chapped. This even applies for the oiliest of us. Treat yourself to some peppermint lip balm or whatever you’re into and a good moisturizer. You’ll thank yourself you did.

2. Red Lipstick

If you’ve never played with a fierce red lip then you’re in luck because the holidays are a perfect time to rock your new look. Pro tip, keep some concealer and red lip liner handy with you for retouches throughout the day. As beautiful and bold as red is, it can get a little messy. If red is too bold for you, try going with a dark plum colour or even a few matte shades. Those are always trendy during the winter months and can spice up just about any look.

3. Scarf

Now, this may seem like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised just how much a scarf can pull a look together. Next time you find yourself at a mall, do yourself a favour and pick one up that you would feel comfortable wearing often or even everyday. The best kinds are the ones that can double as a shawl. This way you’ve got something with double purpose you could either dress up or dress down. Best of all, you’re stylish and warm.

4. Teeth Whitening Strips

It’s the holidays, treat yourself to some whitening strips and get those pearly whites you’ve been wanting. Think of it as a Christmas gift from you to you. With the amount of tea and holiday drinks you’ll be drinking this winter, it may not be such a bad idea. Did I mention it’ll make your lipstick pop?

5. Magnetic lashes

Now that your outfit is fire, your sparkly whites are dazzling, your lips are luscious, and your skin is hydrated, there’s just one key thing missing. Treat yourself to some easy to apply magnetic lashes you can wear to all the holiday parties you’ll be attending or simply wear them everyday so you’ll be feeling good and cute for the holidays. Or any day for that matter!



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