7 Reasons why the Microblading Brow Pen is Changing the Brow Game

August 30, 2018

With so many different brow solutions in todays market, you may find yourself easy getting overwhelmed with options. But after looking throughout the beauty world, we've finally found the perfect product to achieve the perfect brows!

Here are 7 reasons why the Microblading Brow Pen is changing the brow game. 

1.  Get in on the Microblade Tattoo Trend Without the Commitment
With so many beauty guru's out there hopping on the microblading trend train, it can be really hard not to buy into the craze. Now there's an option where you can get the get the look without the commitment.

2. Hair Like Strokes
Thanks to the micro-fork tip, you can now acheieve a natural flow with every stroke, making it look as natural as possible by adding layers of depth. No more harsh solid lines!

3. Long Last Formula
Let's face it, no one wants to worry about their eyebrows melting off throughout the day... That’s why we put extra care to into our formula to ensure that won't be something you'll have to worry about.

4. Easy to Use 

Thanks to this revolutionary design, you don’t need to be a make up expert to achieve the full natural 4-D effects. All it takes is a little experimenting to get the perfect brows for your face shape.

5. Saves You Time

Due to how easy it is to master the Microblading Pen, within a week of using it, you'll notice that you've cut down the time you spend applying your brows by nearly half!

6. Available in 3 Different Shades

Whether you naturally have dark hair, brown hair, or light hair, our Microblading Pen comes in 3 different shades to help you find your perfect match.

7. Risk Free 

Here at Silly George, we understand that every face is uniquely beautiful in it's own way. So if there’s something wrong with the product or if it’s just not for you, contact us right away and we'll be sure you are 100% satisfied! 

Try it for yourself and get your "eyebrows on fleek" with our Microblading Brow Pen.

Click the SHOP NOW to order your Microblading Brow Pen!


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