5 Reasons Why Long Lashes are Important

November 12, 2018

What's the big deal with long eyelashes? Why are they so important anyway?

These are the question I’m sure every woman has asked themselves before. We thought the answer was simply because it makes us look prettier but once we dig deeper, we've found that there are phycological and historical reasons as to why long lashes are such a big deal.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Long Lashes are Important.

1. A frame for the Window to your Soul
Every beautiful painting should be paired with an equally beautiful frame. The frame compliments the painting and highlights the depth of the artwork. In short, your eyelashes act as a frame to your eyes and highlight the window to your soul.

2. Highlights your Femininity
Since the beginning, long lashes have been associated with femininity from cartoons to movies, you will always see characters with long and luxurious lashes that bring a sense of innocence and beauty to their look. It is something that is hardwired in us as a sign of femininity.

3. Boosts your Self-Esteem
It's no secret that one of the leading factors for why women choose to get lash extensions is to boost their overall appearance, but more importantly, their self-confidence. The feeling you get from putting on a stunning pair of lashes is empowering and gives you the feeling of being able to take on the world with a simple change.

4. The Universal Symbol of Beauty
The definition of beauty may be different all over the world, but one thing almost every country has in common is the desire for long, lush lashes. It has been the same for centuries and will forever continue to be the universal symbol of beauty.

5. Highlights Your Most Attractive Quality
If you ask men what is the most attractive feature in women, you'll find that the major of men will always say that it's their eyes. Having long lashes helps draw attention to your beautiful eyes and is something many men are hypnotized by.

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