5 Reasons to Start Using Charcoal for YOUR Oral Hygiene

July 30, 2018

When anyone mentions the word charcoal, it usually brings up fond memories of summer barbecues accompanied by family and friends, but little did we know about the unimaginable benefits that charcoal has towards our health and well being. There are countless benefits, but today we will be focusing on our favourite benefit, oral health.

In this weeks post, we've conjured up 5 benefits that charcoal has to your oral hygiene. 

1. Whitens Your Teeth - Active Charcoal absorbs plaque and other microscopic properties that stain your teeth. It doesn’t matter if it is coffee, wine, or other stubborn foods, charcoal is a proven solution to a whiter and brighter smile 🙂.

2. Aids in Overall Oral Health - Brushing with active charcoal promotes a healthy pH balance in our mouth and with our diets changing in the modern world, it is more important than ever to create a a health balance of microbiome.

3. Gives You Fresh Breath - Charcoal has an amazing property which absorbs toxic and unwanted substances from the body. Charcoal toothpaste is amazing at absorbing any type of acidic plague from building up in those hard to reach spots between your teeth. By doing so, it greatly reduces bad breath, especially if you suffer from Halitosis.

4. An Affordable Options for a Bright & Healthy Smile - If you've ever been to a dental hygienist in recent years, it is always a cringe worthy moment every time you get the bill, especially when your insurance doesn't cover it. You work hard for your money and you owe it to yourself (and your wallet) to atlease give this ancient and natural oral remedy a chance before coughing up a fortune.

5. All Natural Solution to Oral Hygiene - The earth and our bodies share one thing in common - we are both organism that feel at it's best when we are fed by Mother Nature. We understand that there are many other methods to oral hygiene and teeth whitening, but with so many unknown chemicals and synthetic materials, we really don’t understand the side effects to these man made drugs. Unlike charcoal, it is proven to only absorb the bad and leave no harmful residue behind, just how nature intended.

Pro Tip:
The proper way to use charcoal tooth paste/whitener:
Don’t scrub too hard with the paste, be gentle, and brush in a circular motion. With this product, remember that a little goes a long way. Treat active charcoal like a treatment and not regular toothpaste. Only brush with it 2-3 times a week.

The best way to learn and believe in the magic of active charcoal is by trying it for yourself! Click here and become a believer to the magic of active Charcoal! We look forward to hearing about your results!

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