September 11, 2018

Did you know that sleeping on silk is one of the best kept beauty secrets around? That's right, silk! 

The smoothness and tight weave of silk fabric helps keep moisture close to the skin, leaving your face feeling more hydrated than it normally would when sleeping with polyester or cotton pillowcases. Naturally hydrated, plump skin cells result in fewer lines and wrinkles, meaning you'll wake up looking and feeling fresh and radiant everyday.

If you're looking for something to truly help you get the beauty sleep you deserve, keep on reading.

Today we're sharing 5 Advantages of using a BeautySilk Pillowcase.

1. Helps Prevent Aging

Cotton pillowcases cause friction between your skin and the pillow, which means tugging and sleep creases, which over time turn into permanent wrinkles. But with a non-friction silk pillowcase, crease lines don't happen.

2. Maximizes Your Beauty Sleep

Silk is significantly less absorbent than other fibers, such as cotton, so it won't steal your natural facial oils or moisturizing cream through the night. This leaves your skin feeling more hydrated and helps you make the most of your beauty products.

3. Prevents You From Getting Bedhead

Less friction means you'll wake up with smoother and shinier hair. Not only that but less friction and more glide on your hair will also result in less breakage and split ends!

4. Hypoallergenic

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antioxidant which makes silk pillowcases suitable for all skin types and ages, including those with sensitive skin.

5. Thermoregulating

Studies say that keeping your room at a lower temperature while you sleep encourages your body to release melatonin - one of the body's most crucial anti-aging hormones - and the delicate lustre of our BeautySilk pillowcase will keep your face cool throughout the night.

Let your face and hair glide around your pillow all night and wake up feeling fresh and radiant with our BeautySilk Pillowcase.

Click the SHOP NOW to order your BeautySilk Pillowcase!

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